Who is Sneha Paul? Her Age, Net Worth, and Lifestyle Details

Sneha Paul is a well-known Indian actress and model from Kolkata, India. She has already made a name for herself in the entertainment industry with her stunning looks and impressive acting skills.

Sneha enjoys living a luxurious lifestyle and often shares glimpses of her travels and adventures on social media. With her talent and charm, there’s no doubt that Sneha Paul will continue to make waves in the entertainment world.

This Article looks at Sneha Paul’s bio, Career, Age, Net Worth & More.

Quick Bio

Real name Sneha Paul
Nickname Sneha
Date of birth 27 November 1994
Birth place Mumbai (Maharashtra) India
Age 30 years
Current city Mumbai (Maharashtra) India
Language Hindi and English
Religion Hindu

Who Is Sneha Paul?

Sneha Paul is a famous actress and model from India. She was born on November 27, 1994, in a big city called Kolkata. Kolkata is known for its beautiful buildings and rich culture. Sneha has become very popular in movies and on TV. People love her for her acting and how she can become any character she plays. She is not just good at acting but also very pretty and works as a model.

She helps fashion brands show off their clothes and accessories by wearing them in pictures or on the runway. Sneha started her journey to becoming a star in her hometown, but now, she is known all over the country.

She loves acting, and from a young age, she wanted to be in movies. Now, she lives her dream every day by being in front of the camera and performing for her fans. 

Who is Sneha Paul? Her Age, Net Worth, and Lifestyle Details

Sneha Paul Career

Sneha Paul started her journey in the world of acting and modelling back in 2016. She first stepped into the limelight as a model, showing off fashion in pictures and on stage. After gaining some experience and recognition in modelling, Sneha’s career took an exciting turn in 2017. She got the chance to appear in an item song in a Kannada movie called “Dream Girl.”

This was a big deal because it meant she was not just a model anymore but also a movie actress. Her career kept growing, and in 2018, she was in a romantic song called “Phool Ke Badle Patthar” by the singer Altaf Raja. The song showed her talent not just in acting but also in expressing deep emotions through music videos.

That same year, Sneha showed her acting skills again in a Hindi short video named “The City and A Girl.” This video was unique because it let her act in a story, not just dance or model. From modelling to dancing in movies and acting in videos, Sneha Paul has shown she can do many things in the entertainment world.

Sneha Paul Age

Sneha Paul was welcomed into the world on a day filled with warmth and joy, November 27, 1994. This particular day marked her beginning in the lively and colourful city of Kolkata, India. With its bustling streets and rich history, Kolkata became the first home of this future star. As the calendar pages turned year after year, Sneha grew up, embracing every moment and challenge that came her way.

As we find ourselves in 2024, Sneha Paul has reached a new milestone in her life journey. She is now 30 years old. At this age, she is a shining example of hard work and dedication in acting and modelling. Each year, she has gathered more experiences, stories, and achievements that have shaped her into who she is today.

Sneha’s age is a reflection of the journey she has been on, filled with learning, growing, and becoming a known face in the entertainment industry.

Who is Sneha Paul? Her Age, Net Worth, and Lifestyle Details


Sneha Paul Net Worth

Sneha Paul has done well for herself in her career. She makes money from acting in movies and TV shows, modelling for brands, and even sharing her life and ads on social media. All of these jobs help her earn a good amount of money. It is believed that she has about one crore Indian rupees.

That’s a lot of money! It shows she works hard and is good at what she does. Making money from social media means she gets paid to post pictures and videos people enjoy watching. So, when you see her sharing about her life or things she likes, remember it’s also a part of how she makes her living. Sneha’s success in acting and modelling and her innovative use of social media have all added up to her impressive net worth.

Sneha Paul’s Physical status

Sneha Paul is not very tall and not very short. She stands at 5 feet 3 inches. She weighs about 52 kilograms, which is just suitable for her height. Her face is smooth, glowing, and fair, which makes her look very pretty. Sneha’s skin is white, and she has light brown hair that looks very nice.

Her eyes are black, and she can tell many stories when she acts in movies. She wears shoes that are size 7. Sneha takes good care of her body to look her best in front of the camera and when she models. Her physical appearance is essential for her job, but her talent shines.

Who is Sneha Paul? Her Age, Net Worth, and Lifestyle Details


Sneha Paul Education

Sneha Paul went to school like most kids. After finishing her school years, she didn’t stop there. She knew learning more was essential to reach her dreams. So, she went to college. In college, she studied hard and learned a lot. It was sometimes challenging, but Sneha wanted to ensure she could be the best actress and model.

Going to college helped her grow and become even brighter. It’s where she got even more ready for her future. She finished college, which means she graduated. This is a big deal because it shows she worked hard and finished what she started. Graduating from college is a big step in anyone’s life, and Sneha did it. This helped her a lot in becoming who she is today.

Sneha Paul Boyfriend

Talking about Sneha Paul’s boyfriend is a mystery. She keeps her personal life private, especially regarding who she is dating. Sneha hasn’t shared any photos or details about her boyfriend on her social media accounts.

This could mean she wants to keep her love life away from the public’s eyes, or maybe she is just focusing on her career right now. What’s clear is that Sneha is very busy being an actress and a model. She might have little time for dating. It’s also possible she prefers to keep her relationships very private.

So, as of now, there’s no confirmed information about Sneha Paul’s boyfriend. She is concentrating on her work and enjoying her life, whether single or in a relationship.

Who is Sneha Paul? Her Age, Net Worth, and Lifestyle Details

Sneha Paul Parents

Sneha Paul comes from a loving family in Kolkata. Her father’s name is Sankar Paul, and her mother is Tapati Paul. They have supported her dreams of becoming an actress and a model. Her parents have always encouraged her to do her best and to chase her dreams, no matter how big.

Growing up, Sneha was surrounded by love and support from her family, which helped her become the confident and talented person she is today. Her journey to fame and success in the entertainment industry was made more accessible, knowing she had her parents cheering her on every step of the way.

Sankar and Tapati Paul must be very proud of their daughter’s career achievements.

The Social Media Presence of Sneha Paul

Sneha Paul loves using social media to share parts of her life. She posts pictures and videos for her fans to see. You can find her on social media sites where many people follow her. Sneha shares about her travels, the food she enjoys, and some behind-the-scenes looks at her acting and modelling jobs. This helps her fans feel close to her.

They see what she does daily and learn more about her interests. Sneha also uses social media to discuss the clothes and products she likes. Sometimes, companies pay her to talk about their stuff because so many people watch what she posts. Sneha’s fans enjoy seeing her posts and learning about her life through social media.


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What the Future Holds for Sneha Paul

Sneha Paul has already done amazing things as an actress and model. Looking ahead, she will only keep shining brighter. With every role she takes on, whether in a movie, a music video, or on the runway, Sneha shows the world her incredible talent.

Many people think she will become even more famous and loved by fans worldwide. She also has a solid chance to work on more significant projects that could make her a household name. Besides acting and modelling, Sneha might also use her popularity to help others and support good causes. This could make people admire her for her work in entertainment and her kind heart.

Sneha’s journey so far shows she is ready for whatever comes next. She has the talent, the drive, and the support of her fans to reach new heights. We can’t wait to see where her talents and dreams will take her next.


Like many stars in the spotlight, Sneha Paul has had her share of rumours and talk about her. Sometimes, people might not agree with what she does or says, leading to controversies. It’s part of being famous. Not everyone will always be happy When many people watch what you do. But it’s important to remember that Sneha tries to stay positive and focus on her work as an actress and model.

She doesn’t let the negative talk stop her from doing what she loves. Sneha works hard to keep her fans happy and show her talent to the world. Like any other person, she learns from challenges and keeps moving forward.

Who is Sneha Paul? Her Age, Net Worth, and Lifestyle Details


Dancing: Sneha loves to dance. It’s not just part of her job; it’s also a fun way to stay active and express herself. 

Traveling: Exploring new places is something she enjoys. She sees different parts of the world and learns about other cultures. 

Reading: Sneha likes to read books. Reading helps her relax and learn new things, which is excellent for acting. 

Cooking: Trying out new recipes and cooking delicious meals is another hobby of hers. She finds joy in making food for her friends and family.

Photography: Taking pictures of beautiful scenes and moments is something she loves. Photography allows her to capture memories especially.

Watching Movies: Since she is an actress, watching movies is a hobby and a way to learn. She watches all kinds of movies to see different acting styles and stories.


Sneha Paul is an actress and model from India. She acts in movies and on TV and models for fashion brands.

As of now, Sneha Paul is 30 years old. She was born on November 27, 1994.

She comes from Kolkata, India. It's a big city known for its culture and beautiful places.

Right now, we don't know. She keeps her personal life private and hasn't shared information about dating anyone.

Sneha Paul is 5 feet 3 inches tall. That's about average height.

She has made a good amount of money from her work. It's believed she has around one crore Indian rupees.

Yes, she shares her life and work on social media. It's a way she connects with fans and also makes some of her income.

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In conclusion, Sneha Paul is a talented actress and model from India who has shown everyone what hard work and dedication look like. She has been in movies, and music videos, and even modelled for different brands. Sneha is famous for her acting, how she looks, and how she takes care of herself.

She’s an excellent example for young people who dream of being in the spotlight one day. Sneha keeps her personal life private, but that doesn’t stop her fans from loving and supporting her. With everything she has achieved, thinking about what she will do next is exciting.

Sneha’s story teaches us to chase our dreams, work hard, and never give up, no matter what. She shows that with talent and effort, you can achieve great things.

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