Angie Faith Bio, Age, Career, Height, Boyfriend, Net Worth& More

Angie Faith is a young American model and actress is steadily making a name for herself in the entertainment industry. She’s set to make her acting debut in the film “NF Busty,” released in 2023. When she’s not working, Angie loves to explore the world, read books, dance, and cook delicious meals. So stay tuned as we continue to unveil the magic of Angie Faith, a truly inspiring figure in the entertainment world!

Let’s delve into her life, career, net worth, and more!

Quick Bio

Name Angie Faith
DOB February 10, 2000
Age 24 years
Profession Acting/Modling
Country United State
Net Worth 190,000 USD
Height 5’7″ inches
Weight 62 kg

Who is Angie Faith?

Angie Faith is an enchanting persona rising in the world of entertainment. Originally from Uruguay, this 24-year-old is a shining star whose light began to shine in the modeling industry. Her undeniable charm and radiant smile quickly captivated the industry, turning heads wherever she went. But Angie is more than just a pretty face.

With her unwavering dedication, passion, and unyielding spirit to chase her dreams, Angie Faith is a testament to the saying that ‘dreams do come true if you have the courage to pursue them.’ With an exciting journey ahead, she’s not just making waves; she’s making an ocean of her own. Angie Faith is not just a name; it’s a beacon of inspiration, making the world take notice. This is Angie Faith, a go-getter, a dreamer, and a rising star on the horizon!

Angie Faith Bio, Age, Career, Height, Boyfriend, Net Worth& More

Early Life and Career

Discovering her passion for acting and the glam world at a young age, Angie Faith’s story is inspiring. Born in a quaint town in Uruguay, Angie was always full of life and zest. She was a friendly, outgoing child whose dreams were as big as her personality. The sparkle in her eyes would light up whenever she imagined herself on the silver screen.

She initiated her journey to stardom by stepping into the world of modeling, where she immediately turned heads with her charismatic presence. It wasn’t long before the industry took notice of this rising star, and she started getting called in for auditions.

Her unwavering determination and hard work paid off when she landed her first acting gig in the film “NF Busty,” set to release in 2023. A new chapter in her life was just about to begin, and Angie couldn’t have been more excited.

Angie Faith Age

Time to pull out the birthday candles and celebrate because our star, Angie Faith, was born on February 10, 2000! As of the year 2024, she is 24 years old, an age when many are just figuring out their path, but Angie has been following her dreams since her early days. It seems like just yesterday when this young dynamo was a starry-eyed child in a small town in Uruguay, and now she’s an up-and-coming actress in the American entertainment industry.

Each year, she celebrates not just another year of life but also her progress and achievements in her career. It’s safe to say that for Angie, age is not just a number, but a testament to her dedication, hard work, and love for acting and modeling. So, next time February 10 rolls around, remember to send your best birthday wishes to Angie Faith, a 24-year-old shining star in the entertainment world!

Angie Faith Bio, Age, Career, Height, Boyfriend, Net Worth& More

Angie Faith Net Worth

The journey from a small town girl to an actress in the limelight surely sounds glamorous. But it’s a path filled with hard work, determination, and immense passion. Angie Faith, with her talent and diligence, is successfully sailing on this journey, earning not just recognition but also a considerable net worth. As of recent data, Angie’s estimated net worth stands at an impressive 190,000 USD.

This substantial figure is an outcome of her endeavors in the modeling industry, and with her first acting role in sight, this amount is only set to grow. It’s quite a feat for a 24-year-old. Remember, success is not merely about accumulating wealth but also about doing what you love, and Angie is doing just that.

So, while we acknowledge her financial accomplishments, let’s celebrate her passion, journey, and courage to follow her dreams. Here’s to more power to Angie Faith, who is showing us that with dedication, you can turn dreams into reality!

Angie Faith Education

Education plays a significant role in shaping our careers and life choices. For Angie Faith, the narrative was a bit different. This young dynamo was fully aware of her aspirations right after graduating high school. She decided to forego the traditional path of further education and instead, plunged headfirst into the glitz and glamour of the modeling and acting world.

This decision, though unconventional, was driven by her unwavering commitment to her dream of becoming an actress. As they say, there is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise – and rise Angie did! She proved that there are different paths to success, and it’s perfectly fine to choose the one that aligns with your passion.

Today, as she stands on the precipice of an exciting acting career, it’s clear that her decision has paid off. As we delve into Angie Faith’s educational journey, let’s take a moment to appreciate her courage in following her heart and turning her dreams into reality. In the classroom of life, she’s surely acing the test!

Angie Faith’s Relationship Status

In the world of glitz and glamour, relationships often take center stage. But Angie Faith, a rising star in the entertainment world, is scripting her narrative. Currently, our young actress holds the status of being single. And she seems to wear her singlehood like a badge of honor, demonstrating to the world that you don’t need a significant other to validate your existence or achievements. Instead, she’s dedicated to honing her craft, investing in her career, and rising above the ranks in the entertainment industry.

Being single doesn’t necessarily mean being alone; it often translates to having the time and space to become the best version of oneself. And that’s what Angie seems to be doing – flourishing in her journey, one step at a time. So, let’s put the rumors and speculations to rest.

Angie Faith, the dynamic, talented, and beautiful actress, is currently single, and she’s rocking it! After all, love can wait when you’re busy chasing your dreams.

Angie Faith Bio, Age, Career, Height, Boyfriend, Net Worth& More

Body Measurement

Dazzling on the screen and captivating hearts is Angie Faith, standing tall and confident at 5’7″ (170 cm). She balances a healthy weight of approximately 137 lbs (62 kg), which complements her tall stature. Shaping her identity in the entertainment world isn’t just about talent but also about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and taking care of oneself, and Angie perfectly embodies this philosophy.

Her body measurements, 34D-26-34, reflect her dedication to fitness and wellness. But let’s remember, it’s not just about numbers. It’s about how these measurements translate into confidence, elegance, and the ability to carry oneself with grace, whether on a ramp or a film set. And there’s no denying that Angie does it with absolute élan. So, while we appreciate her physical attributes, let’s also celebrate the hard work, discipline, and healthy habits that go into maintaining them.

After all, beauty isn’t just what you see; it’s also about your efforts to keep yourself fit and fabulous! This is Angie Faith for you, an embodiment of beauty, grace, and hard work. As she continues to thrive in the entertainment world, she inspires us all to live healthily and love ourselves just the way we are!


Venturing into the showbiz industry often comes with its share of controversies. However, Angie Faith is an exception to this unwritten rule. As of now, she has steered clear of any controversies, maintaining a pristine public image. While the limelight can sometimes blur the lines between personal and professional life, Angie has managed to keep her journey focused on her career and passion.

The industry might be a whirlpool of rumors and speculations, but Angie’s narrative is refreshingly controversy-free. She’s carving out a path in the entertainment world with her talent and hard work, rather than any sensational headlines. It’s a testament to her professional attitude and commitment to her craft. So, if you’re looking for scandals or dramatic narratives, you might be disappointed.

Angie’s story is about chasing dreams, breaking barriers, and making a name based on merit. A controversy-free journey may seem unusual in showbiz, but Angie Faith is not your usual actress. She’s a testament to the fact that you can make a mark without the cloud of controversies. Angie’s voyage in the world of glitz and glamour is not just about the spotlight, but the light she carries within herself, undimmed by controversies or setbacks.

Angie Faith Bio, Age, Career, Height, Boyfriend, Net Worth& More

Social Media Presence

In the digital age, our favorite celebrities are just a click away. Angie Faith, too, makes her presence felt on popular social media platforms. She has taken the TikTok world by storm with engaging content, amassing a substantial following of over 207K fans. From sharing sneak peeks of her work to posting snippets of her daily life, Angie’s TikTok feed is a colorful collage of her multifaceted personality.

But her online presence isn’t just about garnering followers; it’s a platform where she connects with her fans, shares her journey, and, most importantly, spreads joy with her infectious energy. So, if you’re not already following her on TikTok, it’s about time you hit that follow button!

But remember, while Angie’s TikTok is certainly worth checking out, nothing beats witnessing her talent on the big screen! So stay tuned for her acting debut and get ready to be wowed! Angie Faith is not just a social media sensation; she’s a rising star in the entertainment world. And she’s just getting started!


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When Angie Faith isn’t working her magic in front of the camera, she engages in various hobbies reflecting her vibrant personality. Let’s dive into the activities that add color to Angie’s life:

Traveling: Being a globe-trotter, Angie loves exploring new cultures, cuisines, and landscapes. Her journey from Uruguay to Hollywood is a testament to her adventurous spirit!

Fitness: It’s no secret that Angie has a dedicated fitness routine. She believes in keeping her body and mind healthy, enabling her to tackle the demanding lifestyle of the entertainment industry.

Reading: Angie finds solace in the world of books. A voracious reader, she loves getting lost in fictional worlds and learning new things.

Dancing: This versatile actress is also a passionate dancer! She uses dance as self-expression, often posting dance videos for her followers on TikTok.

Cooking: Angie has a knack for whipping up delicious meals. She enjoys experimenting with different cuisines and often shares her cooking adventures on social media. Engaging in these activities helps Angie unwind and fuels her creativity, which is an integral part of her profession.


So you’ve been wondering about the lovely Angie Faith? Let’s quench your curiosity with some frequently asked questions!

This rising star was born and raised in the beautiful country of Uruguay.


Get your party hats ready every February 10th to celebrate Angie's special day!


With her successful modeling career and upcoming acting debut, Angie's net worth is estimated at a whopping 190K USD.


Our lovely actress stands tall and confident at 5'7".


Currently, Angie is single and totally rocking it!


Angie is all set to mesmerize us with her acting prowess in "NF Busty," releasing in 2023.

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As we reach the end of our journey through the life and career of Angie Faith, we hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know this vibrant young woman. Angie’s story is a shining example of what passion, dedication, and the courage to follow your dreams can achieve. From her modest beginnings in Uruguay to her upcoming debut in Hollywood, Angie is proving that the path to stardom isn’t just paved with glitz and glamour but also with hard work and relentless determination.

Clearly, Angie isn’t just another face in the crowd; she’s a force to be reckoned with, a rising star on the horizon of the entertainment industry. Her tale inspires us to believe in ourselves and our dreams, no matter how distant they may seem.

As she continues to stride forward in her career, we look forward to seeing more of her on the silver screen and beyond. So, let’s raise a toast to Angie Faith, an inspiration to many and a star in the making! Stay tuned for more on this fabulous, talented woman just starting her path to greatness!

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