Kenz Kissah Bio, Age, Net Worth, Weight, Height, Boyfriend, and More

Kenz Kissah is a famous American model and actress. She is well-known for her roles in movies and magazines. Kenz has captured the hearts of many with her talent and beauty. She has achieved great success in her career at a young age and continues to inspire others with her work.

Kenz has become a rising star in the entertainment industry with her captivating smile and charming personality. Her hard work and dedication have led her to achieve great heights, and she is loved by fans worldwide.

Please keep reading to learn more about Kenz Kissah and her journey to stardom!

Quick Bio

Real Name Kenz Kissah
Nick Name Not Known
Alternative Names Not Known
Profession Influencer, Actress and Model
Born (Date of Birth) 1 January 2000
Age 24 Years
Birthplace Boulder, Colorado, United States
Hometown Boulder, Colorado, United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity/Descent Caucasian

Who is Kenz Kissah?

Kenz Kissah is a famous model and actress from the United States. She was born in Boulder, Colorado, on January 1, 2000. This means she started her journey in the world in the first year of the new millennium! Kenz has shown her talent in movies and magazines, and many admire her.

She has a big dream of acting and modelling, which she started chasing when she was young. With her hard work, she has made a big name for herself in the entertainment world. People love her not just for how good she acts or how beautiful she looks but also for her kind and fun personality.

From a young age, Kenz has worked very hard to follow her passion, and now she gets to show her talent to fans all over the globe. She’s an inspiration to many, showing that with dedication, you can achieve your dreams.

Kenz Kissah Bio, Age, Net Worth, Weight, Height, Boyfriend, and More

The Early Days of Kenz Kissah

Growing up in Boulder, Colorado, Kenz Kissah had a normal childhood. Like any other kid, she went to school and played with friends. But, even as a little girl, Kenz had a big dream. She loved acting out stories and posing for photos, pretending she was a star in movies and on magazine covers.

Her family saw her passion and encouraged her. They believed in her dream as much as she did. Kenz didn’t just dream; she worked hard, too. She joined school plays and took part in local modelling contests. Kenz was there every chance to act or model, giving it her all.

She learned a lot during these early days. Each step taught her something new about acting and modelling, helping her improve. Even though she was busy chasing her dream, Kenz made sure to have fun, too. She loved exploring the beautiful Nature around Boulder with her friends and family. These happy times they have filled her with energy and joy, making her dream even bigger. Kenz’s early days were full of learning, growing, and dreaming big, setting her on the path to becoming the star she is today.

Kenz Kissah Career

Kenz Kissah has grown to be a shining star in movies. After she finished school in 2023, she quickly made her mark in the big world of films. She has worked with big companies that make movies and has been part of teams with famous actresses like Jayme Langford, Casey Luckey, and Brooke Waters.

These experiences have helped her learn a lot and show her amazing acting skills to everyone. Kenz’s talent and hard work have allowed her to be in many movies, letting her share her stories and emotions with people worldwide.

Working in movies has been a dream come true for Kenz, and she keeps working hard every day to be the best she can be. Being part of the movie world has been an exciting adventure for her, full of learning and making memories.

Kenz Kissah Bio, Age, Net Worth, Weight, Height, Boyfriend, and More

Kenz Kissah Age

Kenz Kissah was born on a special day, the first day of a new century, January 1, 2000. This means she turned 24 years old at the start of 2024. Imagine celebrating your birthday on the same day the world celebrates a new year! That must be exciting, making her birthday easy for her friends and fans to remember.

Being 24 means Kenz is still very young, but she has already done many amazing things in her career as a model and actress.

She started following her dreams when she was much younger, and look at her now: inspiring lots of people around the globe. It’s cool to think about what someone can do at such a young age if they work hard and believe in their dreams, just like Kenz Kissah.

Kenz Kissah Net Worth

Kenz Kissah has made much money thanks to her acting and modelling. People often wonder how much money she has. Well, it’s said that Kenz Kissah’s net worth is around 98,000 US dollars. This means she has earned this money from her work in movies and magazines.

Net worth is the total value of all the money and things of value a person has. For Kenz, this comes from being in movies and doing modelling jobs. Even though she is still young, she has earned a good amount because she works hard and is very talented. Kenz’s net worth shows how successful she has been in her career.

Kenz Kissah Physical Stats

Kenz Kissah is a beautiful model and actress with a height of 5 feet 7 inches, the same as 1.70 meters tall. She weighs about 53 kilograms, which is also the same as 117 pounds. Kenz has a figure that many admire, with measurements of 32B-26-32.

Her eyes sparkle in a pretty brown colour, and her hair is black and looks very nice. These physical features are part of what makes Kenz stand out in her modelling and acting roles. Her height and healthy weight are just right for her career, helping her shine in front of the camera. With her stunning brown eyes and beautiful black hair, Kenz catches the attention of many fans and photographers.

Kenz Kissah Bio, Age, Net Worth, Weight, Height, Boyfriend, and More

Kenz Kissah Boyfriend

Regarding Kenz Kissah’s love life, she likes to keep things private. This means she only talks a little about who she is dating. Right now, there isn’t any public information about a boyfriend. Kenz believes in focusing on her career, ensuring she’s happy, and doing what she loves.

She thinks it’s important to be strong and independent, whether in a relationship or not. Kenz also likes to remind her fans that loving yourself is the first step to happiness. So, while we may not know if Kenz has a boyfriend, she’s all about positivity, self-love, and working hard to achieve her dreams.


Kenz Kissah comes from a Caucasian background. This means her family roots can be traced back to people who lived in Europe. Kenz is proud of where she comes from and believes everyone’s unique background makes them special.

She loves to learn about different cultures and traditions. Understanding where we come from helps us know more about ourselves and connects us with others in beautiful ways. Kenz thinks it’s important to respect and celebrate all kinds of backgrounds because it makes the world more interesting. Sharing our stories and learning from each other is something Kenz enjoys.

Before Fame

Before Kenz Kissah became a star, she was a regular kid with big dreams. She grew up in a place called Boulder, Colorado. When she was little, she loved to act out stories and pretend she was in movies or on the covers of magazines. Her family saw how much she loved acting and modelling and always told her she could do it if she worked hard. So, Kenz started to do just that.

She joined school plays and went to modelling contests in her town. Every time there was a chance to act or model, Kenz was there, ready to show her talent. She learned a lot from these early experiences. They helped her get better and understand more about the world of acting and modelling.

Even when she was busy chasing her dreams, Kenz also made sure to have fun. She liked to go on adventures in Nature around her home, which filled her with joy and energy. These were the days when Kenz began to build her path to becoming the shining star she is now.

Social Media Presence

Kenz Kissah is also known for her active life on social media. She uses platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to connect with her fans. Kenz shares pictures and videos from her daily life, modelling shoots, and movie sets on these sites. This lets her followers see what it’s like to be a star and gives them a peek into her exciting world.

Kenz loves using social media to talk with her fans, share happy moments, and spread positivity. She often posts messages encouraging her followers to chase their dreams and be kind to themselves, just like she does. By sharing bits of her life online, Kenz makes her fans feel closer to her, building a strong and loving community.


Kenz Kissah is a person who many people like to watch in movies and see in magazines. Sometimes, when someone is very famous, they might have disagreements or problems. This can happen to anyone, even if they try their best to do good things. Kenz Kissah has tried to keep her life positive and avoid big problems. This means she works hard to ensure she acts nicely and treats others well.

Even though being famous can be hard, Kenz has done a good job of staying out of trouble. She believes in being kind and doing her best in her career without causing problems. Sometimes, people might talk or write about famous people in a way that is not true, but Kenz focuses on her work and fans. She wants her fans to remember her for the good things she does, like acting and modelling, not for any troubles.


Exploring Nature: Kenz loves to spend time outside. She enjoys hikes in the mountains near her hometown of Boulder, Colorado. Walking in Nature makes her feel happy and peaceful.

Photography: Taking pictures is one of her favourite activities. Kenz likes capturing beautiful moments on her camera, especially during her travels. 

Reading: Kenz is a big fan of books. She reads a lot because it helps her learn new things and escape into different worlds. Her favourite genres are adventure and mystery. 

Cooking: She enjoys making meals for her friends and family. Cooking new recipes is fun for her, and she likes to try dishes from different cultures. 

Dancing: Dancing is a great way for Kenz to express herself. She loves to dance to all kinds of music, keeping her fit. 


She is a model and actress. She acts in movies and models for magazines.

She was born on January 1, 2000, and is 23 years old.

She grew up in Boulder, Colorado, in the United States.

Kenz is 5 feet 7 inches tall.

She keeps her love life private, so we don't know if she has a boyfriend.

Her net worth is around 98,000 US dollars.

She uses Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to share her life and connect with fans.

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Kenz Kissah is an amazing model and actress who has shown us all that following your dreams can lead to great things. From her early days in Boulder, Colorado, to becoming a star that shines bright in the entertainment world, her journey is truly inspiring.

Kenz is talented in acting and modelling and has a big heart, keeping her personal life private and focusing on important things like self-love and hard work. Even though she is only 23, she has already accomplished a lot and has a promising future.

Kenz’s story tells us that you can achieve your dreams and make a difference in the world with dedication and belief in yourself. Remember, it’s all about working hard, staying positive, and never giving up on what you love.

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