Kevin Selleck Bio, Age, Career, Net worth, Father, Education, Girls Friend & More

Kevin Selleck is a famous American actor and musician known for his roles in popular T.V. series and movies. He first caught audiences’ attention when he appeared in the hit show Magnum P.I. in 1980.

Since then, he has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry, appearing in films like Scream 2, released in 1997.

Please keep reading to learn more about Kevin Selleck’s career, net worth, and personal life, including his famous father and girlfriend.

Who is Kevin Selleck?

Kevin Selleck is an American actor and musician. He was born in the United States in 1966, making him a true American star in acting and music. What makes him even more special is that his dad is the famous actor Tom Selleck, known for his big moustache and cool roles in movies and T.V. shows.

Kevin has always been in the spotlight as the son of such a big star, but he didn’t just rely on his father’s fame. Instead, he worked hard to make his mark in entertainment. Kevin showed everyone he could act in awesome T.V. shows and movies and was super talented in making music.

His journey wasn’t just about following in his dad’s footsteps but creating his path and sharing his unique talents with the world.

Kevin Selleck Bio, Age, Career, Net worth, Father, Education, Girls Friend & More

Kevin Selleck Career

Kevin Selleck has had an exciting journey in both acting and music. Not only has he acted in cool T.V. shows and movies, but he is also very good at making music. Kevin was part of a band, and they made songs many people loved together. In 1996, a big moment for Kevin and his band was when they released their first album, Lemon Parade.

This album was so good that it sold many copies, enough to be called platinum. That means more than a million people wanted it! One of the songs from the album, “If You Could Only See,” became super popular. It did so well that it reached number 11 on a list of top songs in the United States. This list is made by a group called Billboard, and getting a song on this list is a big deal for musicians. It shows that many people are listening to and loving your song.

Kevin’s music talent shows he can do more than act in movies and T.V. shows. His ability to create hit songs and perform in a band has won fans’ hearts. Making music that reaches so many people is a huge achievement. Kevin’s journey in music and acting is full of big moments like these, making his career interesting and cool to learn about.

Kevin Selleck Age

Kevin Selleck was born in the United States in 1966. This makes him a well-known face in acting and music. As we move into 2024, Kevin will be 58 years old. Growing up in America, he saw and was part of many interesting things. This also means he has been around for a while, doing his acting and making music. Being 58 years old, he shows a lot of experience.

He’s familiar with being in front of the camera or performing music in front of people. Over the years, he’s learned a lot and shared many talents. Kevin, being 58, tells us he’s been working hard for many years to entertain people and make great music.

Kevin Selleck Bio, Age, Career, Net worth, Father, Education, Girls Friend & More

Kevin Selleck Net Worth

Kevin Selleck has done well in his career, both in acting and making music. People often wonder how much money he has made from all his work. It is believed that Kevin has built up a net worth of about $18 million. This is a big number! This means that Kevin has earned a lot of money through acting in T.V. shows and movies and being in a band that made popular songs.

This money came only some at a time. It took years of hard work, playing roles in front of the camera, and performing music for fans. Being successful in both acting and music is not easy, but Kevin has shown it’s possible with talent and effort. This net worth is a big deal because it shows how much Kevin has achieved in his career. It’s like a score that tells us how well he has done in entertainment.

Kevin Selleck Education

Kevin Selleck’s school journey took him to some cool places where he learned a lot. First, he went to Grant High School in a place called Van Nuys in Los Angeles. You go to High school before college, and Kevin did great there.

After finishing high school, he got a special chance to attend the University of Southern California. This university is a big deal, and it’s also in Los Angeles. Kevin didn’t just go there because he was smart but also good at playing Volleyball. The university thought he was so good at Volleyball that they gave him a scholarship.

A scholarship is like a special gift that helps pay for school, and you get it for being good at something, like sports or studying. So, Kevin got to go to this university and learn more, not just from books but also by playing Volleyball. It’s like he was part of a team and school simultaneously. Going to the University of Southern California was a big step in his life, where he got to meet new people and learn new things that helped him in his career later.

Kevin Selleck Father

Kevin Selleck’s dad, Tom Selleck, is a very famous actor. You might know him from movies and T.V. shows where he plays cool characters. When Kevin was 19 years old, Tom Selleck decided to become his dad legally. This happened on August 7, 1987.

Before this, Kevin’s mom, Jacqueline Ray, and his real dad, Shepard Much, were not together anymore because they got divorced. This means that Kevin grew up with Tom Selleck as his dad. Having a dad who is a big star in movies and T.V. shows greatly affected Kevin. He learned a lot from Tom Selleck about acting and being famous.

It wasn’t just about being the son of a famous person. Kevin wanted to show everyone that he could do great things, too. He worked hard in acting and music, making his path. But having Tom Selleck as his dad helped him see what it’s like to be part of making movies and T.V. shows. This taught Kevin to be good at what he does, just like his dad.

Kevin Selleck Bio, Age, Career, Net worth, Father, Education, Girls Friend & More

Kevin Selleck Wife

Kevin Selleck and Annabelle Selleck married on a special day, August 7, 1987. They first met when they were both in high school. They liked each other a lot back then and decided to stay together. After many years, their love grew stronger, and they became husband and wife. Together, Kevin and Annabelle have built a big, loving family.

They have six children, so their house is full of fun, laughter, and probably a bit of noise! Being parents to so many kids shows they have a lot of love to share. Kevin and Annabelle have been through a lot together, and their long marriage shows their strong bond. They show that you can make a happy family with love and understanding.

Kevin Selleck Height Weight

Kevin Selleck is a tall man. He stands at 6 feet and 3 inches tall. That’s like being as tall as a door! He weighs 63 kilograms, which is how much a big dog might weigh. Kevin has dark brown hair, a very common hair colour. His eyes are brown, too, just like his hair.

Being this tall makes Kevin stand out, especially on T.V. or in movies. People can easily spot him because he’s taller than many others around him. His height and weight are just right for someone who used to play Volleyball in college. Volleyball players are usually tall, and Kevin fits right into that. His brown eyes and dark brown hair match well, making him look nice on camera and in photos.

Kevin Selleck Movies

Kevin Selleck has been in some movies that many people like. One of his well-known roles was in “Magnum, P.I.” This wasn’t a movie, but a T.V. show where he got to act. People liked him there. Then, there’s “Scream 2,” which is a movie a lot of folks know. It’s a scary movie with lots of surprises. Kevin being in these shows and movies is a big deal because it lets him show how good he is at acting.

When you watch him, you can see he knows how to make his characters come alive. People enjoy seeing him on their T.V. or movie screens. Even though he hasn’t been in many movies or T.V. shows, the ones he has been part of are pretty cool. Kevin puts a lot of effort into his roles, ensuring everyone who watches enjoys the story.


Like many famous people, Kevin Selleck has faced some challenges in the public eye. Sometimes, he found himself in difficult situations that got people talking. For example, Kevin had to deal with some legal problems because of not following rules. These problems were about things like the money he owed. It was a tough time for him, and it showed that being famous can come with hard moments, too.

There was also a time when Kevin’s name was in the news because of a disagreement within his family. Family disagreements can be really hard, especially when they become public. It reminds us that even famous families must work through tough times together. These controversies made some people curious about Kevin’s life outside of acting and music.

But it’s important to remember that everyone makes mistakes, and facing tough times can help people grow. Kevin continued to focus on his career and family, showing that moving forward is possible even after facing challenges.

Kevin Selleck Bio, Age, Career, Net worth, Father, Education, Girls Friend & More


Kevin Selleck loves to do fun things when he’s not acting in movies or making music. Here are some of his hobbies: 

Playing Volleyball: Kevin loves to play Volleyball. He was so good at it in school that he got to play for his university team! 

Hiking: He enjoys going on hikes. Exploring nature and walking on trails are things he finds exciting. 

Watching Movies: Since he’s an actor, it’s no surprise Kevin likes to watch movies. It’s a way for him to relax and enjoy other people’s work. 

Playing Guitar: Besides being in a band, Kevin also enjoys playing guitar alone. It helps him come up with new music ideas. 

Cooking: Kevin likes to cook. Trying out new recipes and making delicious food for his family and friends is something he loves to do. 

Reading: He enjoys reading books. Reading helps him learn new things and is a good way to relax. These hobbies keep Kevin busy and happy when he’s not working. They show that he has many interests, just like anyone else.


Kevin Selleck is famous for acting in T.V. shows and movies and making music. His dad is Tom Selleck, a big star.

Kevin Selleck was born in 1966. So, depending on the time of year, he's around 58.

Kevin was in a band, and they made music together. They even had a really popular song!

Kevin's dad is Tom Selleck, famous for acting in movies and T.V. shows. Tom became Kevin's legal dad when Kevin was 19.

Kevin Selleck is married to Annabelle Selleck, and they have been together since high school. They have a big, loving family with six children.

Kevin Selleck is tall, 6 feet and 3 inches. That's like being as tall as the door to your room!

Kevin Selleck acts in movies and T.V. shows and makes music. He's known for being talented in both acting and music.

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Ultimately, Kevin Selleck’s life story is really interesting and inspiring. He’s done many cool things in acting and music, showing he’s super talented. Even though his dad is famous, Kevin worked hard to make his mark. He didn’t just act in T.V. shows and movies; he also made music that many people loved. His story teaches us that you can achieve great things with hard work and talent.

Kevin’s journey in life, from being a kid to becoming a star in acting and music and even building a big, happy family, shows that dreams can come true if you keep trying. Kevin Selleck’s life is full of lessons about never giving up and always doing your best, no matter how hard things seem.

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