Hazel Lush Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Education, Boyfriend & More

Hazel Lush is a famous American actress and model. She is known for her stunning looks, exceptional talent, and captivating on-screen presence. Born and raised in the United States, Hazel has always been passionate about the arts.

From a young age, she displayed a natural flair for acting and modelling, and it was no surprise when she decided to pursue it as a career. Now, at the peak of her career, Hazel continues to make waves in the entertainment industry with her impressive resume and countless fans.

Let’s take a closer look at the life, career, and achievements of the talented Hazel Lush.

Quick Info

Name Hazel Lush
Profession Actress & Model
Nationality American
Ethnicity/Descent Caucasian
Years Active 2022 – Present
Net Worth (approx.) USD 200K

Who is Hazel Lush?

Hazel Lush is a well-known actress and model from the United States. She was born on May 3, 1999. Growing up, Hazel loved to act and model. She enjoyed playing different roles and showing off her fashion sense.

She decided to make acting and modelling her job because she loved them. Now, Hazel is famous for her work in movies and on TV. People enjoy watching her because she is good at acting and looks fantastic on screen. 

Hazel Lush Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Education, Boyfriend & More

Hazel Lush’s Early Life

Hazel Lush was born into a loving family that initially encouraged her dreams. As a little girl, she spent hours in front of the mirror, pretending to be different characters and walking like a model on a runway. Her hometown in the United States was a playground for her imagination.

School plays and local modeling contests were where she first shone, showing everyone her natural talent. Hazel’s early years were filled with creative play, a supportive family, and the first steps toward her future in acting and modelling.

Hazel Lush Career

Hazel Lush began her journey in the acting world in 2022, stepping into the limelight with her first project for the film studio named ‘Many Vids.’ This marked the start of her exciting path in the entertainment field.

Hazel’s talent and hard work quickly caught the attention of other film studios, leading her to collaborate with various teams as an actress. Her ability to bring characters to life on screen made her a favorite among audiences and filmmakers.

Each role she took showcased her versatility and dedication, helping her build a name for herself in the industry. As Hazel continues to explore new opportunities, her career is watched by fans eager to see her next performance.

Hazel Lush Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Education, Boyfriend & More

Hazel Lush Net Worth

Hazel Lush has done well in her acting and modelling career. People often wonder how much money she has made from her job. It is thought that Hazel Lush’s net worth is around 200 thousand dollars. This means she has earned a lot of money by being in movies and modeling for different brands.

Hazel works very hard in her roles and on the runway. This hard work has helped her make a good amount of money. Even though she is still new to the entertainment world, she has already made a nice sum.

This shows how successful she is and how much people enjoy her work. Her fans are sure she will continue to do great things and maybe even make more money.

Hazel Lush Height and Physical Persona

Hazel Lush is a beautiful woman who is quite tall. She stands 5 feet 8 inches high, about 173 centimeters or 1.73 meters if you use a different way to measure height. Hazel weighs around 132 pounds, which is the same as 60 kilograms.

She has sparkly blue eyes and brown hair that look very nice. Hazel’s body measurements are 34 for her chest, 24 inches around her waist, and 34 inches around her hips. When she wears dresses, she usually fits into a size 36, a European size. Her shoe size is 7, so if you ever wanted to get her a pair of shoes, now you know what size to look for! 

Hazel Lush Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Education, Boyfriend & More

Hazel Lush Education

Hazel Lush went to a school close to where she lived for her early education. She loved learning and did well in her classes. After finishing her studies at school, Hazel decided to continue her education. She joined a college to get her graduation degree.

Hazel was very active in college, too. She took part in different activities and made many friends. In college, she also joined theater groups which helped her in acting. Hazel worked hard in her studies and her acting.

Going to college was an important step for her to become an actress and model. She learned a lot from her teachers and friends in college.

Parent & Sibling

Hazel Lush grew up with a loving family. Her parents always cheered her on and believed in her dreams. They saw her talent from when she was a little girl and helped her follow her passion for acting and modelling.

Her family made sure she had everything she needed to shine. Hazel also has siblings, but she doesn’t talk much about them. She likes to keep some parts of her life away from the spotlight.

Her family’s support has been a big part of her journey to becoming a star. They have been by her side, celebrating her wins and helping her grow in her career. Hazel’s family sounds like a team, working together to make dreams come true.

Hazel Lush Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Education, Boyfriend & More

Hazel Lush Boyfriend

Hazel Lush is in a relationship, but she keeps it very private. She has not shared who her boyfriend is with the public. Hazel believes that some parts of life should be just for her and not for everyone else to know. This is why she chooses not to tell people about her boyfriend even though she is famous.

Hazel and her boyfriend like to spend time together away from the cameras and the lights of the entertainment world. They enjoy doing simple things like walking, watching movies, and being with each other. Hazel is happy in her relationship but feels it’s essential to keep some things just for herself.

Social Media Presence

Hazel Lush is very active on social media. She loves sharing pictures and stories about her life, acting, and modelling with her fans. Hazel has accounts on many platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. She often posts behind-the-scenes photos from her shoots and projects.

This lets her fans see what her work life is like. Hazel also shares personal moments, like her hobbies and travels. This makes her followers feel close to her. Many people love her posts because they are fun and show her personality.

Hazel uses social media to stay connected with her fans and to share news about her career. She enjoys talking to her followers and thanking them for their support. Hazel’s social media pages are a big part of how she talks to the world.


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Award And Achivement

Hazel Lush has received awards and recognition for her fantastic work in acting and modelling. Even though she is still relatively new to the entertainment world, she has already made a significant impact. Hazel has been given awards that show she is a great actress and model.

These awards are like gold stars saying, “Great job!” They help everyone see how talented she is. In addition to awards from the movie and modeling industry, fans have praised Hazel. They love her work and often vote for her in contests where fans pick their favorite stars.

Hazel feels very happy and thankful when she gets these awards and kind words from people who enjoy her work. She knows these awards are because of her hard work and the support from her fans and family. Hazel hopes to keep doing her best and win more prizes.


Like many famous people, Hazel Lush has had her share of talks and rumors. Sometimes, people who don’t know her well might say things that are not true. This is part of being in the spotlight. Even though Hazel is conscientious about her actions and words, misunderstandings can happen.

It’s essential to remember only some things thing we hear or read about Haarel is true. She stays positive and focuses on her work rather than negative rumors. Hazel knows that staying true to herself and her values is what matters. She hasn’t let these talks stop her from doing her best in acting and modelling.

Before Fame

Before becoming famous, Hazel Lush was like any other kid with big dreams. She loved acting and dressing up, showing off her talents to family and friends. Even as a little girl, Hazel would perform in front of anyone who would watch.

She participated in school plays, which were her first steps into acting. Hazel was always the show’s star and had a special gift. Hazel explored her other interests when she wasn’t acting, like reading books and being outdoors. Even then, she was very creative, always coming up with new ideas for games or stories.

Hazel worked hard at everything she did, whether school projects or hobbies. Her dedication and love for the arts were evident to everyone around her. This time in her life was necessary because it set the foundation for her future career. Hazel’s journey to fame started with her imagination and the support of her loved ones.


Reading: Hazel loves to lose herself in a good book. She finds reading relaxing and a way to feed her imagination.

Hiking: Being outdoors and exploring nature trails is another hobby of Hazel’s. She enjoys the fresh air and the beauty of the scenery.

Photography: Capturing moments through the lens is a passion for Hazel. She likes taking photos of landscapes and people. 

Cooking: Trying out new recipes and cooking delicious meals is something Hazel finds joy in. She loves experimenting with different ingredients.

Yoga: Hazel practices yoga to balance her mind and body. It helps her stay flexible and calm. 

Painting: Hazel uses painting as a creative outlet. She enjoys creating art with colors and expressing her feelings on canvas.

Hazel Lush Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Education, Boyfriend & More


Hazel is an actress and model. She acts in movies and TV shows and also models for different brands.

Hazel was born on May 3, 1999, which makes her 24 years old.

She is 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Hazel is from the United States.

Yes, Hazel is in a relationship, but she keeps it private and hasn't shared much about it.

Her net worth is estimated to be around 200 thousand dollars.

Yes, she did. Hazel continued her education after school and got her graduation degree from college.

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In summary, Hazel Lush is a bright star in the acting and modelling world. Her journey began when she was young, showing everyone her love for the arts. She has grown into a talented actress and model, admired by many fans. Hazel’s work on screen and in modeling shows her hard work and dedication.

However, she keeps her personal life private, like her relationship and time away from the spotlight. Hazel’s success story inspires anyone who dreams of making it big in the entertainment industry. She reminds us that achieving our dreams is possible with passion and hard work. Hazel Lush is a role model and someone to watch as she continues her exciting career.

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