Who is Izzy Green? Age, Career, Education & Net Worth Explained

Izzy Green is a famous model, social media star and OnlyFans star. She comes from Brazil and America. She is very popular on the internet and has many followers. People love to see her photos and videos on social media.

Izzy is also very successful and has made much money from her career. She is a hardworking person and has achieved a lot in a short time. Many people are curious about her age, career, education and net worth.

In this blog post, we will explore everything there is to know about Izzy Green and discover what makes her such a unique and successful individual.

Quick Bio

Name Izzy Green
Date of birth Friday 7th of February 2003 (Brazil)
Age 21 Years Old in 2024
Net Worth $300,000
Languages English and Brazilian
Religion Not Public
Ethnicity Latin
Gender Female




Who is Izzy Green?

Izzy Green is a famous Brazilian-American model, social media star and OnlyFans star. She was born in Brazil on a sunny day, February 7, 2003, but she also has ties to America, making her Brazilian-American. Many people know who she is because she’s good at what she does and shares much of her life online.

Izzy is not just known for being in front of the camera; she also works hard and has a lot of fans who like to see what she’s up to. Even though she’s young, she’s already done a lot with her life and career.

People are always curious to learn more about her, like how she got started and what she plans to do next. Izzy’s story is interesting because it shows that you can achieve your dreams with hard work.

Who is Izzy Green? Age, Career, Education & Net Worth Explained

Early Life and Background of Izzy Green

Izzy Green was born in Brazil and has a mix of Brazil and America in her family. Growing up, she was always energetic and liked to try new things. Even as a little kid, Izzy loved being in front of the camera, dancing, or making people laugh.

She went to school like other kids and did her best to learn and make friends. Izzy has always been close to her family; they have helped her follow her dreams. Izzy showed she wasn’t afraid to go after what she wanted from a young age.

She enjoyed being creative, whether it was through art, music, or acting in school plays. Her love for being in the spotlight led her to start sharing her life and talents online, where she quickly gained a lot of fans. Izzy’s early years were filled with love and creativity and the beginning steps toward her future career.

Izzy Green Age

Izzy Green was born on a special Friday, February 7, 2003. This means she first opened her eyes in Brazil. As we look at the calendar for 2024, Izzy will be 21 years old. Can you imagine? It’s like counting from 1 to 21 without stopping.

She grows a little older every year, just like you and me. Time flies by really fast. So, when we talk about Izzy Green, we are talking about a young woman who has seen 21 birthdays come and go. Each birthday is like a new chapter in her book of life, and at 21, her story is getting more and more interesting.

Who is Izzy Green? Age, Career, Education & Net Worth Explained

Izzy Green Career

Izzy Green started her career at a young age, which is cool. In 2021, she decided to show the world what she could do. So, she started using Instagram, where you can share photos and videos with people worldwide. The very first photo she shared was of herself sitting in a car.

This photo was special because it was the beginning of something big. Izzy isn’t just someone who shares pictures online; she’s a model and a social media influencer. She works with brands to help them show off their products, and many people watch what she does.

She’s good at what she does, and she loves doing it. This is how Izzy Green started her journey in the big world of social media and modelling.

Izzy Green Net Worth

Izzy Green has done well for herself. People often wonder, “How much money does Izzy make?” Well, it’s thought that she has around $300,000. That’s like if you saved up all your allowance and birthday money for a long time. How did Izzy get all this money?

Mostly from being a model and sharing her life on social media. Imagine getting paid to take cool pictures and share them with people worldwide. That’s what Izzy does. She works with different brands, showing their clothes or products in her photos and videos.

Every time she does this, she gets paid. So, over time, all these jobs add up, and that’s how she has made so much money. It’s amazing to think about making a job out of something you love to do.

Izzy Green Height, Weight & Physical Stats

Izzy Green is not only famous for her photos and videos but also for how she looks. She is quite fit, with an athletic body that shows she takes good care of herself. Izzy weighs about 58 kilograms, which is the same as 127.868 pounds.

This tells us she’s strong and healthy. Her body measurements are 34C-25-36 inches. This means her chest is 34 inches around, her waist is 25 inches, and her hips are 36 inches. Izzy wears a 34C bra size, which fits her body shape perfectly.

Regarding her looks, Izzy has beautiful hazel eyes that many people find very pretty. Her hair is brown, which looks nice in the sunlight and photos. And if you’re wondering what size shoes she wears, Izzy’s shoe size is 7 in the USA. This might seem like a small detail, but it’s just another part of what makes Izzy Green who she is.

Who is Izzy Green? Age, Career, Education & Net Worth Explained

Achievements and Recognition

Izzy Green has worked hard and has done some amazing things. Even though she is still young, many people have already noticed her. She’s been in magazines and on websites because she is very good at modelling. People who make clothes and other cool stuff like to work with her to help show their things to the world.

Izzy has also been discussed on social media because many people like to see what she does next. She has a big group of fans who support her and cheer her on. This support helps her to keep doing what she loves and to try new things.

Plus, she has been invited to special events where she meets other famous people and learns more from them. These are big deals for someone who is still starting their career. All these things show how much Izzy has achieved in just a short time. She’s making her mark in the world of modelling and social media.

Izzy Green Education

Izzy Green is known for her amazing pictures and videos, and she’s also super smart! After finishing high school, she decided to learn even more about science and the brain. So, she went to college. From 2019 to 2022, she studied a lot about plants, animals, and all living things and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Biology with the highest grades – First Class Honours.

But Izzy didn’t stop there! She loved learning so much that she returned to school to study even more. This time, from 2022 to 2023, she studied Cognitive Neuroscience, which is all about understanding how our brains work and think.

And guess what? She did amazing in that and got her Master’s degree with Merit, which means she was good at it. 

Izzy Green Boyfriend

Izzy Green is someone who many people are interested in, especially when it comes to her personal life. A lot of fans are curious to know if she has a boyfriend. The answer is yes; Izzy is in a relationship. However, who she is dating is a mystery.

Izzy has chosen to keep this part of her life private, which means she hasn’t shared the name or details of the person she’s dating. It’s common for people, especially those famous like Izzy, to keep some things to themselves. This helps them have a bit of normalcy and privacy in their lives.

Even though we might be curious, it’s important to respect her choice not to share everything about her personal life with the public. So, while we know Izzy has someone special in her life, the identity of her boyfriend remains unknown.

Who is Izzy Green? Age, Career, Education & Net Worth Explained

Social Media Presence

Izzy Green is super popular on social media. She has many people who follow her and like what she posts. On a website called TikTok, where people share short videos, Izzy got 12 million likes! That’s a huge number, like if almost everyone in a big city clicked the “like” button on her videos.

One time, she posted a video on Instagram, another place where you can share pictures and videos. She showed herself in a mirror in this video, and more than 400,000 people watched it.

That’s a lot of eyes looking at just one video! Izzy shares parts of her life online, and many people enjoy seeing what she’s up to. She’s good at getting people to pay attention to her posts.


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Future Projects and Aspirations of Izzy Green

Izzy Green has big dreams for her future. She wants to keep growing in her career and start her own business one day. Izzy is interested in fashion and beauty so that she might create her clothing line or beauty products.

Besides that, she loves helping people and animals, so she thinks about how to use her fame to support good causes. Izzy also hopes to travel the world, learn new things, and meet new people. She believes that learning never stops and wants to keep finding out more about the world around her.

Most importantly, Izzy wants to inspire others to follow their dreams like she does. She shows everyone that you can achieve anything you want if you work hard and stay true to yourself. Izzy’s future looks bright, and she’s excited to see where her journey takes her next.


Izzy Green likes to do lots of fun things when she’s not busy modelling or studying. Here are some hobbies she enjoys:

Dancing: Izzy loves dancing. It makes her happy and keeps her fit. She tries all kinds of dances, from hip-hop to salsa. 

Traveling: Exploring new places is something Izzy is passionate about. She loves seeing different parts of the world and learning about new cultures. 

Photography: Taking photos is not just part of her job. Izzy enjoys capturing beautiful moments and scenery whenever she can. 

Painting: When she wants to relax, Izzy likes to paint. It’s a way for her to show her creative side and make something beautiful. 

Cooking: Trying out new recipes and cooking delicious meals is another hobby of hers. Izzy loves to experiment with flavours. 

Reading: Izzy is a big fan of reading. Whether it’s a science book or a fantasy novel, she loves to get lost in a good story.

These hobbies keep Izzy busy and happy when she’s not working. They show she’s not just about her career but also loves doing everyday things that bring joy.


Izzy is a model, social media influencer, and OnlyFans star. She shares cool pictures and works with brands on the internet.

Izzy was born on February 7, 2003, which makes her 21 years old as of 2024.

Izzy was born in Brazil, but she is also American. That makes her Brazilian-American.

She studied Biology first and got really good grades. Then, she studied Cognitive Neuroscience and did great in that, too!

Yes, Izzy is in a relationship but keeps it private. We need to find out who her boyfriend is.

It's thought that Izzy has made about $300,000 from her work. That's a lot of money for taking pictures and working with brands!

Izzy wants to keep growing in her career. She's interested in fashion and beauty and might someday start her own business. She also wants to help people and animals and keep learning new things.

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This blog post taught us much about Izzy Green, a very talented and famous person. We found out where she was born, how she became a star on social media, and even what she studied in school. She’s done some pretty amazing things for someone her age, like working with big brands and getting many followers who admire her.

Even though Izzy likes to keep some things private, like who she’s dating, it’s clear she’s a hard worker and has big plans for her future. Izzy shows us that you can achieve your dreams if you’re passionate about something and willing to work hard. Her inspiring story reminds us to follow our hearts and never give up. Izzy Green’s journey is just beginning, and it’s exciting to think about what she will do next.

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