Angell Conwell Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Boyfriend & More

Angell Conwell is a famous American actress. She has appeared in many TV shows and movies but is best known for her role as Leslie Michaelson on the popular soap opera, “The Young and the Restless.” Angell was born and raised in South Carolina and began her acting career at a young age.

Her talent and hard work have earned her recognition and success in the entertainment industry. With her charming personality and natural acting skills, Angell has become a household name and a role model for aspiring actors.

In addition to her successful career, Angell is also known for her kind heart and involvement in various charities. She inspires many with her dedication, talent, and philanthropic efforts.

Who is Angell Conwell?

Angell Conwell is a talented American actress. She was born on August 2, 1983, in Orangeburg, South Carolina. From a young age, she showed a lot of interest in acting and soon made it her career.

Angell is very famous for playing Leslie Michaelson in the TV show The Young and the Restless, which is watched by many people on the CBS channel during the day. She has worked in other TV shows and movies, too, but this role made her very popular.

People like watching her because she acts very well and brings her character to life on the screen. Angell loves acting and enjoys being part of stories that entertain people.

Angell Conwell Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Boyfriend & More

Early Life

Angell Conwell was born in Orangeburg, South Carolina. When she was two years old, she moved with her family to Columbia. Growing up, Angell was very interested in acting.

She loved to pretend she was different characters and enjoyed performing. This love for acting started when she was very young. Even as a little girl, Angell knew she wanted to be an actress when she grew up.

She spent a lot of her time learning about acting and practicing her skills. Angell worked hard and was determined to follow her dreams. This early start helped her become the successful actress she is today.

Angell Conwell Career

Angell Conwell started her journey to become an actress when she was very young. In 1994, she made a big move to Los Angeles. This move was to work on a TV show called “On Our Own.” This was a big step for her because it meant she was starting to make her dreams come true.

Later, in 2001, Angell got a big chance to be in a movie. This movie was called “Baby Boy”. In this movie, she worked with Omar Gooding. It was a significant movie because it was the first time she was in a big film. Being in “Baby Boy” helped her show everyone how good she is at acting.

This movie was about growing up and learning about life, and Angell played a big part in telling that story. After “Baby Boy,” Angell continued to act in more TV shows and movies. Each role she played helped her get better and showed everyone her talent.

Angell Conwell Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Boyfriend & More

Angell Conwell Age

Angell Conwell was born on a sunny day, August 2, 1983, in a place many people might not know called Orangeburg. It’s in South Carolina, a state with lots of history. When Angell was just a tiny two-year-old, she and her family moved to Columbia, which is another city in South Carolina. Imagine being two and moving to a new place!

Now, if you’re good at math, you’ll figure out something pretty cool. From the day she was born in 1983 to the year 2024, Angell Conwell has been on this Earth for 41 years. That’s a lot of birthdays and a lot of candles on the cake! So, right now, in 2024, Angell is 41 years old. It’s fun to think about all the things someone can do in 41 years, especially someone as talented and busy as Angell!


Besides acting, Angell Conwell has done many other exciting things. When she was young, just like you, she went to school at Seven Oaks Elementary in Columbia. There, she did something very extraordinary – she became the first Black American student body president. That means she was chosen to lead and represent all the students in her school.

It’s a big deal because it shows that she was a leader even when she was young. After that, she attended Irmo Middle School for a little while before moving to Los Angeles, California, to follow her dream of acting.

In Los Angeles, Angell kept going to school. She went to Valley View and Glendale High School. There, she was not just studying; she was also a cheerleader, cheering for her school’s teams. She also joined the Student Body Association, which means she continued to be a leader among her friends and classmates.

Angell didn’t stop there; she loved acting so much that she joined the Drama Club too. Later, she went to Glendale Community College. So, besides acting, Angell Conwell has been very busy with school, leading, cheering, and studying. She shows us that you can do many things if you really want to.

Angell Conwell Net Worth

Angell Conwell has made quite a bit of money from acting in movies and TV shows. People often wonder how much money she has. After adding up everything she earns, Angell Conwell’s net worth is about $2 million.

Net worth means all the money and things she owns minus any money she owes. So, having a net worth of $2 million is a big deal because it means she has done really well in her career. Angell worked very hard for many years to get to this point.

This money comes from her roles on TV, in movies, and other jobs she might do related to acting. Remember, this didn’t happen overnight. It took a lot of work and time for Angell to build up this much money.

Angell Conwell Height and Physical Attributes

Angell Conwell is not very tall or short; she stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches, which is about the same a little taller than the average kitchen fridge. She weighs 54 kilograms, which is like carrying around five big bags of sugar.

Angell has a waist size of 24 inches, which means if you had a tape measure, it would wrap around her middle and measure 24 inches. Her hips are 35 inches around, like the size of a big yoga ball.

Angell wears a bra size of 38D in the US or 85D in Europe, which adults might discuss when buying clothes. Her hair is dark brown, the same shade as a chocolate bar. Her eyes are also dark brown, like the color of the Earth or rich soil. Angell’s looks, along with her talent, are a big part of what makes her unique in movies and TV shows.

Angell Conwell Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Boyfriend & More

Angell Conwell Boyfriend& Husband

Angell Conwell has a particular person in her life named Omar Gooding. Omar Gooding is also an actor, just like Angell. They share a lot in common because they both act in movies and TV shows. Being with someone who does the same kind of work can be really nice because they understand each other’s busy lives.

Even though they are both actors, they make time for each other. It’s essential to have someone who supports you and your dreams. Angell and Omar show us that having a partner who gets what you do makes life a little easier. They can talk about their acting jobs and help each other with their roles. It’s like having your best friend and teammate all in one.

Angell Conwell, Father & Mother

Angell Conwell’s dad is Brian Conwell, and her mom is Sheila Legette. Together, they make a family that loves and supports each other very much. Brian and Sheila watched Angell grow up and helped her become the amazing actress she is today.

They were there for her when she moved to Los Angeles to chase her dreams. They believed in her and encouraged her to do her best. Families like Angell’s are super important. They help you when things get tough and cheer for you when you do great things.

Brian and Sheila showed Angell that with hard work and love, you can reach your dreams. They are a big reason why Angell loves acting so much and works so hard.

Angell Conwell Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Boyfriend & More

Philanthropy and Activism

Angell Conwell does a lot more than just acting. She really cares about helping people and making the world a better place. That’s what philanthropy means – giving your time, money, or effort to help others. Angell is involved in many charities. Charities are groups that help people in need. She especially likes to help kids learn and grow. This is important because it shows she’s not only talented but also has a big heart.

Angell also believes in standing up for what’s right. That’s where activism comes in. Activism means trying to make changes in society when things aren’t fair or proper. She uses her voice to speak about important things, like making sure everyone is treated equally, no matter their skin color or where they come from.

Angell knows that being famous gives her a chance to talk about significant issues and get more people to listen and care. So, she tries to use her voice to make a positive difference in the world. This shows she’s not just an actress but also a kind person who wants to help make things better for everyone.

Angell Conwell on Social Media

Angell Conwell likes to share parts of her life online, just like you might do with your friends. She uses websites and apps where people can post pictures, videos, and messages. These are called social media. On social media, Angell posts about her work as an actress, fun times she has, and sometimes about things she believes are essential.

She likes to connect with her fans, people who enjoy watching her on TV and in movies. Angell also shares her efforts to help others and make the world a better place. By using social media, she can talk to lots of people all at once, from anywhere!

This helps her fans feel close to her and know what she’s up to, even when she’s not on TV. If you like Angell Conwell and want to learn more about her day-to-day life, checking out her social media might be fun for you.


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Angell Conwell loves to do many fun things when she’s not acting. Here are some of her hobbies: 

Reading: Angell enjoys reading books. It’s like going on an adventure without leaving your room. 

Hiking: Walking on trails and climbing up hills makes her happy. It’s a way to see beautiful places and get exercise. 

Cooking: She likes to make yummy food. Cooking is like being a scientist but with food. You mix things and make something delicious! 

Traveling: Visiting new places is exciting for Angell. She gets to learn about different people and how they live. 

Watching Movies: Just like us, Angell loves to watch movies. It’s a way to relax and enjoy stories other people tell.

Gardening: Growing plants and flowers is something Angell finds peaceful. It’s fantastic to see something grow because you took care of it.


Angell Conwell is 41 years old as of 2024.

She's famous for her role in "The Young and the Restless."

The blog doesn't mention if she has siblings.

She was born in Orangeburg, South Carolina.

She stands 5 feet 4 inches tall.

Her boyfriend's name is Omar Gooding.

Angell Conwell's net worth is about $2 million.

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In the end, Angell Conwell is a shining example of what hard work and following your dreams can do. She’s not only a great actress who has played in many TV shows and movies, but she’s also a caring person who helps others.

Angell shows us that you can be successful in what you love and still give back to the community. She’s 41 years old and has accomplished so much, from acting to helping kids and speaking up for what’s right. Plus, she’s active on social media, sharing parts of her life with fans.

Through her journey, Angell teaches us to chase our dreams, work hard, and be kind to others. She’s truly an inspiration for many people, especially those who want to be actors or make a difference in the world.

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