Virginie Efira Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Boyfriend, Education & More

Virginie Efira is a famous actress from Belgium and France. She became well-known after starring in the romantic comedy film It Boy in 2013. Since then, she has captured the hearts of many with her talent and charm.

With her stunning looks and impressive acting skills, it’s no surprise that she has become a popular figure in the entertainment industry. She has achieved great success in her career and is a prominent figure in the film industry.

Let’s examine her age, career, net worth, height, boyfriend, and education to learn more about this talented actress.

Quick Bio

Name Virginie Efira
 Age 47
 DOB May 5, 1977
 Net Worth $185 million.
 Boyfriend Niels Schneider
 Height 5 feet 7 inches
 Weight  58 kg
 Parent Verelst and André Efira.

Who Is Virginie Efira?

Virginie Efira is a famous actress from Belgium and France. She was born on May 5, 1977. Virginie became very popular after leading in a funny love movie called It Boy in 2013. Before she became a star in film, Virginie worked on TV.

People in many places know who she is because she has acted in many movies and TV shows. She is known for being very good at acting and for making people believe she is the person she’s pretending to be in the film. Virginie has fans worldwide who love to watch her on screen.

She speaks two languages, French and Dutch because she comes from Belgium and works a lot in France. Virginie’s acting job makes many people happy, and she enjoys doing it. She loves to tell stories through her roles and bring characters to life for everyone to see.

Virginie Efira Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Boyfriend, Education & More

Virginie Efira Career in Entertainment

Virginie Efira started her TV career before becoming a famous actress in movies. Her first big job was at Club RTL, a TV channel in Belgium. She got this job because she was good at talking to people and making them feel interested in what she said.

In September 2002, Virginie experienced something exciting. She was chosen to hosthost Belgium’s version of Star Academy. This was a big deal because it meant many people would see her on their TV screens, and she would become more famous. Virginie’s adventure in movies began in 2004.

She played the role of Dr. Liz Wilson in a movie that was made to speak French. Even though she started on TV, moving to film showed that Virginie could do many different things in entertainment. She was good at being a host on TV and acting in film, which is challenging.

Virginie Efira Age

Virginie Efira was born on May 5, 1977. This makes her 47 years old as of 2024. Being 47 means she has lived for more than four decades. During these years, she has done many amazing things in her life, especially in her acting job.

Virginie has grown up, learned many things, and became well-known in movies. Imagine all the birthdays she has celebrated and all the experiences she has gained each year. She has been on this Earth for quite a while, and in that time, she has made a big name for herself.

Being 47 years old shows us that Virginie has spent a lot of time working hard to be where she is today in her career.

Virginie Efira Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Boyfriend, Education & More

Virginie Efira Net Worth

Virginie Efira has made much money from her work as an actress. People think she has about $185 million. That’s a tremendous amount of money! She earned this money by acting in many movies and TV shows. She gets paid every time she acts in a movie or show.

The more she works, the more money she makes. Virginie has been acting for many years, and all her hard work has helped her make much money.

This money also lets her help other people and do things she loves. Virginie’s acting talent makes people enjoy her movies and has helped her earn a lot of money over the years.

Virginie Efira’s Height and Physical Presence

Virginie Efira stands tall at a height of 5 feet 7 inches, about 175 centimeters. She weighs around 134 pounds or 68 kilograms, showing how fit she is. Virginie has a slim waist measuring 24 inches or 63 centimetres, and her hips size is 35 or 90 centimetres.

When it comes to her bra size, it is 38B in the US system and 85B in the EU system. Her hair is blonde, which looks very pretty, and she has blue eyes that sparkle. Virginie’s striking look helps her stand out in movies and pictures.

People notice her not just because she is a good actress but also because she looks charming. Her height and how she seems to help her play many different roles in movies.

Virginie Efira Husband/Boyfriend

Virginie Efira was once married to a funny man named Patrick Ridremont. He is also an actor, and they got married in 2002. But, after a few years, they decided not to be husband and wife anymore.

In 2005, they began living apart, and in February 2009, they made it official that they were no longer married. After that time in her life, Virginie found love again.

She is now in a happy relationship with Niels Schneider, an actor. Virginie and Niels like to spend time together and act in movies. They share a special bond and enjoy being part of each other’s lives.

Virginie Efira Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Boyfriend, Education & More

Virginie Efira Movies

Virginie Efira has been in some fantastic movies that many people liked. Two of her well-known films are “Elle” from 2016 and “Benedetta” from 2021. In “Elle,” she acted with Isabelle Huppert. This movie got a score of 7.1, which means many people thought it was perfect.

Virginie played the part of Rebecca in “Elle.” Then, in “Benedetta,” she worked with Lambert Wilson. “Benedetta” is about a woman named Benedetta, and Virginie plays the central part. This movie got a score of 6.7.

Both films show how Virginie can play different types of characters well. People enjoy watching her act because she brings the characters to life naturally and excitingly.

Educational Journey

Virginie Efira loved learning a lot when she was younger. She went to school in Brussels, a big city in Belgium. She studied many subjects like Latin, math, psychology, and social sciences there. These subjects are about ancient languages, numbers, understanding how people think and feel, and learning about societies.

Virginie enjoyed learning these because they helped her think in new ways. When she was 28 years old, she decided to move to Paris. Paris is a famous city in France that is known for its beautiful sights and rich culture. Moving to Paris was a big step for Virginie.

She went there to follow her dreams of acting. This move was significant because it helped her become the successful actress she is today. In Paris, she worked hard to make her dreams come true.

Virginie Efira Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Boyfriend, Education & More

Before Fame

She was like any other kid before Virginie Efira became a big movie star. She grew up in Belgium, where she attended school and learned many different things. Virginie didn’t start as an actress right away. First, she was on TV. She was good at talking to people and hosting shows.

This is how many people first got to know who she was. Even though being on TV was fun, Virginie dreamed of acting in movies. So, she worked hard and eventually got to be in her first movie. It wasn’t easy, but Virginie didn’t give up.

She kept trying and learning how to be a better actress. Her hard work paid off when she got a significant role in It Boy. This role made her very famous. Before all this fame, Virginie was just a girl with a big dream. She shows us that if you work hard and believe in yourself, you can make your dreams come true.

Social Media Presence

Virginie Efira uses social media just like many of us. She shares pictures and stories about her life and works on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Through her social media, fans can see what movies she works on or does in her free time. It’s a way for Virginie to connect with her fans worldwide.

She posts about her travels, behind-the-scenes looks at her movie sets, and sometimes shares personal moments. This helps her fans feel close to her and know her better. Virginie’s social media pages are filled with exciting things about her life and work. People enjoy seeing her updates and learning more about what it’s like to be a movie star.


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Awards and Nominations

Virginie Efira’s talent and dedication to her craft have not gone unnoticed in the film industry, earning her several prestigious nominations and awards. She was celebrated with the Magritte Awards Audience Award, a testament to her popularity and the impact of her performances. For her role in “Kill Me Please,” she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress, showcasing her versatility and range.

Her compelling performance in “Elle” earned her a nomination for Best Supporting Actress at the 2016 Magritte Awards. That same year, she took home the award for Best Actress for her role in “In Bed with Victoria” at the Magritte Awards, solidifying her status as a leading lady in French cinema. Efira’s exceptional talent was also recognized at the Lumières Award, where she was nominated for Best Actress.

Her role in “Up for Love” earned her a nomination for Best Actress at the Globes de Cristal Awards, further proving her ability to captivate audiences and critics alike. Additional nominations at the Globes de Cristal Awards, Lumières Award, and César Awards for films such as “An Impossible Love,” “Sink or Swim,” and “Bye Bye Morons” highlight her continued excellence and contribution to the cinematic world.


Virginie Efira, like many famous people, has had times when people talked a lot about her because of things that were not about her acting. Sometimes, people who are in movies or on TV can have stories told about them that are not nice or not true. This can happen when someone does not understand a situation correctly or when private things accidentally become known to others.

However, Virginie has managed to keep her personal life and work separate. This means she tries to keep stories about her acting from her job in movies and TV shows. Virginie focuses on being good at her job and living her life kindly.

This helps her not have many significant problems that people often talk about. She shows that even when you are famous, you can live in a way that does not cause a lot of controversy.

Virginie Efira Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Boyfriend, Education & More


Watching Movies: Virginie loves to watch movies. This helps her learn new things about acting and enjoy stories like ours.

Traveling: She enjoys visiting new places and seeing different parts of the world. Travelling gives her new experiences and fun memories. 

Reading: Virginie likes to read books. Reading helps her relax and find new stories that inspire her acting.

Cooking: She finds joy in cooking. Making food allows her to try new flavours and share meals with friends and family. 

Photography: Taking pictures is one of her hobbies. Virginie captures moments so she can remember them forever. 

Yoga: Yoga helps her stay fit and calm. It’s good for her body and mind, and she likes doing it to keep healthy.


Virginie Efira is 47 years old as of 2024.

Virginie is known for being a talented actress. She got famous after her role in the movie It Boy.

She is from Belgium but works a lot in France too.

She is 5 feet 9 inches tall.

Yes, she is happy with Niels Schneider, an actor.

People think Virginie has about $185 million.

She can speak French and Dutch because she comes from Belgium but works in France.

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Virginie Efira is a very talented and famous actress from Belgium and France. She has been in many movies and TV shows, making a lot of people happy with her acting. Virginie has worked hard for many years and has become successful. She has also made a lot of money because of her hard work. Besides being a great actress, Virginie is tall and has a unique look that makes her stand out.

She has also been in love and has shared her life with essential people. Even though we didn’t talk about her school life or what she likes to do when she’s not acting, it’s clear Virginie Efira is a particular person in the movie world.

We can’t wait to see what she does next because she will keep making great movies for us to enjoy. Virginie Efira’s story shows us that you can achieve your dreams and have a significant impact with talent and hard work.

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