Norissa Valdez Bio, Career, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age& More

Norissa Valdez is a multi-talented beauty from the United States who is not only a model and content creator but also a famous influencer on social media. With her friendly and creative approach, Norissa has captured the hearts of millions with her lip-sync and modelling videos on TikTok. Her self-titled account has quickly gained a massive following, making her a rising star in the world of social media.

So, let’s dive into Norissa’s bio, career, height, weight, net worth, and age to get to know this remarkable talent even better. Trust us; you will want to take advantage of this one!

Quick Bio

Norissa Valdez
December 10, 2003
21 years
Net Worth
content creator, influencer
Update soon
5 feet 4 inches
50 kg

Who is Norissa Valdez?

Norissa Valdez is a content creator, influencer, and TikTok star. Norissa Valdez, born on the winter-kissed day of December 10, 2003, is an outstanding talent rising from the United States. With her creative and captivating videos, Norissa was able to amass an impressive following of over 900,000 fans on TikTok before the platform unfortunately banned her account.

Despite the setback, her resilience and passion for creating engaging content continue to shine through, making her a widely recognized figure in the digital space. Her content varies from lip-syncs and modelling videos to various other fun and creative TikToks that perfectly showcase her bubbly personality and talent.

Norissa Valdez isn’t just an influencer – she is a powerhouse of talent and creativity that is set to leave a lasting impact on the social media world. As we delve deeper into her journey, we’ll discover even more facets of this fascinating personality.

Norissa Valdez Bio, Career, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age& More

Norissa Valdez Career

The journey of Norissa Valdez’s career is nothing short of remarkable. She kick-started her career in the modelling industry by signing up with the prestigious modelling agency Foreign Wilhelmina. This was a turning point in her life as it opened doors to numerous opportunities. Her striking beauty and inherent talent quickly got her noticed, leading to features in several magazines and commercials.

As her modelling career began to flourish, Norissa yearned for a platform to express her creativity. That’s when she turned to TikTok in 2019. The app offered her an outlet to showcase her vibrant personality and talent on a more personal level. She quickly started gaining traction with her lip-sync and dance videos, which resonated with the young audience of the platform. Norissa has a knack for capturing trending music and creating engaging content that leaves her followers eagerly waiting for more.

Her TikTok journey, although temporarily halted, brought her tremendous fame and recognition. Today, Norissa is much more than just a model; she’s a beloved social media influencer with an army of dedicated followers. While her modelling career laid a strong foundation, it was her stint on TikTok that made Norissa Valdez the popular personality she is today. As she continues to charm her audience with her creative content, Norissa’s career trajectory is indeed an exciting one to follow.

Norissa Valdez Age

Norissa Valdez’s age is a testament to how much she’s achieved at such a young stage in her life. Born on the crisp winter day of December 10, 2003, Norissa is currently enjoying the lively age of 21. The last two decades have certainly been an exciting ride for this young influencer, marked by immense personal and professional growth.

From launching her modelling career to creating a viral sensation on TikTok, Norissa has truly lived these years to the fullest. Her age serves as a gentle reminder that age is merely a number, and passion, creativity, and hard work indeed are the cornerstones of success.

As she steps further into her twenties, we can’t wait to see where Norissa’s journey will take her next. It’s clear that this 21-year-old is just getting started and has a vibrant future ahead. With each passing year, Norissa continues to grow, evolve and shine brighter, making her age just another interesting facet of her fascinating life.

Norissa Valdez Bio, Career, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age& More

Norissa Valdez Education

Delving into Norissa Valdez’s educational background, she spent her high school years at Los Alamos High School. Known for her hard work and determination, it is no surprise that Norissa balanced her academics and blossoming career with grace and aplomb.

Despite her early success and busy schedule, education holds a significant place in her life. Norissa believes in the power of knowledge and the doors it can open. As for her higher education, she hasn’t publicly disclosed her qualifications.

Yet, it’s widely speculated that she’s currently furthering her education by pursuing a college degree. Balancing academics and a rising career is no small feat, but if anyone can handle it, it’s undoubtedly the multi-talented Norissa Valdez. Stay tuned to see where her educational journey takes her next!

Norissa Valdez Physical Appearance

A crucial part of Norissa Valdez’s charm lies in her unique physical attributes. Standing at a petite height of 5 feet 4 inches, or 1.63 meters, Norissa’s presence packs a punch despite her small stature. She maintains a balanced weight of 50 kilograms (110 pounds), a testament to her dedication to a healthy lifestyle and fitness regimen.

Norissa’s body measurements stand at an enviable 32-26-34 inches, highlighting her model-like physique. Her shoe size is a 6 UK, hinting at her love for fashionable footwear, an extension of her style.

One cannot ignore Norissa’s stunning black hair, which she often styles creatively to suit her mood or outfit. Her black eyes are:

  • A window to her soul.
  • Always sparkling with energy, creativity, and passion.
  • Beautifully complementing her overall physical appearance.

In all, Norissa Valdez’s physical attributes contribute to her distinctive look, making her easily recognizable and immensely admired by her fans worldwide. Her commitment to maintaining her health and physical appearance only amplifies her dedication to her career and personal well-being.

Norissa Valdez Bio, Career, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age& More

Norissa Valdez Net Worth

Norissa Valdez’s financial success is undoubtedly a reflection of her popularity and dedication to her craft. Known for her successful modelling career, viral TikTok content, and influential presence on social media, Norissa has managed to carve out a lucrative path for herself at a young age. As of now, her estimated net worth hovers around the impressive mark of $200,000.

This remarkable figure is not only a testament to her earning potential but also to the opportunities that have come her way, thanks to her talents. A portion of her net worth stems from her modelling career, where she has worked with several prominent brands and companies. Furthermore, her TikTok and social media ventures also contribute significantly to her financial standing.

Even though her TikTok account was banned, the recognition she gained from the platform continues to provide financial benefits. Norissa Valdez is indeed a shining example of a young, successful influencer who has managed to turn her passion into a profitable profession. With her continued dedication and passion, there’s no doubt that her net worth will only continue to grow.

Norissa Valdez Boyfriend

When it comes to Norissa Valdez’s personal life, she tends to keep things low-key. While her growing legion of fans is curious about her love life, Norissa has always maintained a certain level of privacy regarding her relationships. Presently, she hasn’t publicly disclosed any information about her boyfriend. That being said, it doesn’t mean she isn’t dating.

Norissa might be keeping her love life under wraps to focus on her blossoming career or to maintain her privacy. After all, navigating the world of social media fame can be challenging, and having a private aspect of life can often provide a much-needed respite. So, as of now, Norissa’s boyfriend remains a mystery to her fans and followers.

However, knowing her open and candid nature, we can expect her to share the news when she feels the time is right. Until then, we’ll continue to admire her for her work, creativity, and the amazing person she is.


While the digital world can often be a breeding ground for controversies, Norissa Valdez has impressively maintained a clean slate. She has managed to steer clear of any major scandal or controversy, a testament to her professionalism and integrity. However, her journey has only been partially without bumps. The most significant hiccup came when her popular TikTok account, boasting over 900,000 followers, was banned.

The exact reason for the ban remains undisclosed, creating some buzz among her followers. But Norissa, being the resilient personality that she is, took it in stride and continued to engage her audience through other social media platforms.

Despite this setback, she continues to rise above and shine, her commitment unwavering. It’s a reminder that controversies, big or small, are often just stepping stones on the path to success. And while we can’t predict the future, if Norissa’s past conduct is anything to go by, we can expect her to continue navigating her career with grace and dignity, no matter what comes her way.

Norissa Valdez Bio, Career, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age& More

Social Media Presence

Navigating the digital landscape like a true pro, Norissa Valdez has marked her territory on several social media platforms. Despite her TikTok account’s ban, her presence on this platform could be more attractive with a plethora of videos showcasing her lip-sync and dance skills. Norissa’s Instagram handle, @norissavaldez, is another hotspot for her fans.

Norissa valdez onlyfans  creative posts, engaging stories, and captivating reels have fetched her over 50k followers. It’s a dazzling display of her life, from professional photoshoots to candid moments, giving followers a glimpse into her world. She also runs a YouTube channel, where she shares diverse content, from fashion hauls to lifestyle vlogs.

Although relatively new, her channel is growing steadily, offering another platform for her fans to engage with her. Twitter, @NorissaValdez, is another platform where she connects with her followers, sharing her thoughts and updates. Each platform provides a unique facet of Norissa’s life, allowing her norissa valdez fanfix to connect with her on a personal level. So, if you want to keep up with Norissa Valdez, make sure to follow her on these platforms. She truly is a social media queen!

Norissa Valdez Hobbies

Let’s take a peek into Norissa Valdez’s interests. When she isn’t busy creating captivating content or modelling for high-profile brands, Norissa loves to engage in several hobbies that reflect her vibrant personality and zest for life.

Dancing: This TikTok star’s love for dancing is evident from her creative videos. The rhythm and movement offer her a fun and expressive way to unwind.

Fitness: Norissa’s commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle extends beyond her professional obligations. She enjoys a good workout session, helping her stay fit and energetic.

 Photography: Norissa has a keen eye for capturing life’s beautiful moments. Her social media feed showcases her talent for framing the perfect shot.

 Reading: She appreciates a good book, diving into different worlds and gaining insights from diverse narratives.

 Traveling: Always ready for an adventure, Norissa loves exploring new places, soaking in various cultures, and making beautiful memories.

Fashion: Her innate sense of style isn’t just for the camera. Norissa enjoys keeping up with the latest trends, shopping, and experimenting with her wardrobe. From dancing and reading to fashion and photography, Norissa Valdez’s hobbies are as multi-faceted as her talents, offering a balanced blend of creativity, health, and exploration.


Norissa was born in the United States on the winter-kissed day of December 10, 2003.

Norissa kick-started her career as a model and was signed up by the prestigious Foreign Wilhelmina modelling agency. She later transitioned to TikTok in 2019 to express her creativity on a more personal level.

Norissa stands at a petite height of 5 feet 4 inches, or 1.63 meters.

As of now, her estimated net worth hovers around the impressive mark of $200,000, accrued from her modelling career and social media ventures.

Currently, Norissa has not publicly disclosed any information about a boyfriend, choosing to keep her personal life private.

The exact reason for the ban of Norissa's TikTok account has yet to be publicly disclosed. However, she continues to create engaging content on other platforms, showcasing her resilience and passion for her craft.

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Exploring the life and career of Norissa Valdez has indeed been an exciting journey. Her rise to fame as a model, her transition into a beloved TikTok star, and her powerful presence as an influencer all attest to her talent, creativity, and hard work. Her journey so far is an inspiration to many young people across the world, proving that age is not a barrier to success if one has passion, dedication, and a relentless drive to achieve.

Despite the challenges she has faced, including the banning of her TikTok account, Norissa continues to shine in the digital space, earning admiration and love from her numerous fans. Whether it’s her modelling career, her viral TikTok content, or her education, Norissa Valdez continues to show us that she’s more than just an influencer – she’s a force to be reckoned with.

As she steps into the future, we eagerly anticipate the new heights she will undoubtedly conquer. Here’s to Norissa Valdez – a rising star with an exciting journey and an even brighter future ahead!

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