8 Benefits of Having an Attractive Book Cover

In many contexts, we have heard the phrase ‘Do not judge a book by its cover’. It is a proverbial expression that advises the observer to not make superficial judgments by looking at the external values of something. 

Although initial impressions are significant as they leave a long-lasting effect. The ‘first impression is the last’ is another proverbial term that signifies the importance of outlook, sleekness, and remembering something. 

Considering a book cover, for example, is seen as the first impression of any book that we pick up. You go to a bookstore and pick up the fanciest of books because of their covers, at first, not knowing about the story. Publishers and book authors are always concerned about the book cover before making it public to the readers, as people believe in seeing pleasing things. 

 Having an attractive book cover has numerous benefits for both authors and readers, such as:

  1.   Grabs the attention 

Book covers are designed in a way that they grab the attention of the readers. In a bookstore, books are displayed according to genres, authors, titles, and contexts. The one that is visually more appealing will grab the attention of the reader.

It will stand out from other book covers that are usually very plain and rough-looking. If the book cover design has captivating imagery, bright colors, and striking visuals, it will stand out. The author’s aim will be fulfilled to catch the eye of the readers by investing in the cover designs. 

Sometimes the storyline may not be very interesting but the book cover plays a major role in letting the reader buy the book because of its attractive cover.  

  1. It will stand out 

There are countless books on the shelf in a bookstore or in a library that are in the line so that they can be seen. A book cover stands out because of its aesthetics and familial imagery. There are numerous listings of books physically and even online. 

To sell out the book, an attractive cover is as important as the storyline. Authors should invest in book covers by hiring professional editors and publishing houses. They can also spend some amount in marketing and advertising about the book before it is available in the market. 

This way the book will stand out at all forums, physical or non-physical. A fresh approach can build up the interest of the readers. 

  1. Content reflection is easy 

A cover that is well-designed effortlessly, effectively communicates the content of the book. It makes it easier for readers to choose and pick by looking at the book. They can easily expect what is written inside the book.

Content reflection is made easier by a book cover as the genres are separated and attract the same type of readers. For example, children’s books are usually printed with bright and captivating imagery so that they do not get bored while reading. 

They are specially made using cartoons and drawings as they provide a feature of the story itself. For example, the Disney Princesses books have characters drawn outside the book cover, to make it easier for a young reader to grasp the idea easily. 

  1.  Provides an aesthetic enjoyment

Some readers tend to be very picky when it comes to covers. They want it to be a perfect beauty from the inside and the outside as well. They are the ones who believe in the innate and physical qualities of books. 

They are the ones who do not fold their books while reading, they read them with clean hands in clean places. They would purposely keep that one book for aesthetic pleasure. Often planning a library session or a park date they would carry that favorite book. Those are the books that have highly aesthetic-looking covers that please the readers.  

  1. Visual representation is important 

A visual representation is important in conveying the information that the book carries. Individuals are very judgmental as they perceive by appearances. Visual representation not only helps in attracting the readers it also conveys emotions, ideas, and themes of any book. 

For example, a book cover that has very dark and mysterious imagery will indicate that the imagery is being used to convey the emotions of a story that is either horror or Gothic. The reader who is highly interested in such storylines or genres will surely have this urge to pick up the book and eventually buy it. 

Emotions play a very important part and are connected by the visual representation of the book. That’s why it is important to consider it when designing your book cover. 

  1. Speaks about professionalism

An attractive book cover is designed not simply by drawing rough sketches, for obvious reasons it is designed with the help of content writers and professionals who understand the field of graphics. During the printing process, a book goes through many stages, and designing a book cover is one of them.  

If the book cover is attractive looking, it will not only help the book to accelerate its number of sales, it will also speak about professionalism in the field of design and painting. This will further open up avenues for other authors to seek help from these professionals. 

  1. Builds a memorable connection with the reader

Avid readers are fond of building their libraries, either at home or especially making a study place to keep a record of their books. They assemble the books by color coordination, for instance, all yellow books in one row and the blue books in another. Or they keep the favorites, especially on top of the shelf. 

A good book with an appealing book cover will become one of the favorites as a memory will be attached to it.

  1. Promotes EBook sales 

In the digital world, covers are displayed as thumbnails which makes it hard for the readers to have an impact on it. An engaging and inviting book cover will make it easier for readers to scroll through online while searching for their favorite books. 

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