What Is Online Sales? New Trends In Online Business

Online selling has become a business trend chosen by many people because it brings high profits. However, this form also has many risks, if the seller has not prepared himself with the necessary knowledge. In the following article, okvip will answer in detail the question of what online business is and the most effective online sales trends today. Let’s follow along!

Find out what online selling is?

Online sales (online sales) is a form of trading products and services on the internet environment. Sellers and buyers do not necessarily have to meet each other face to face but can go through digital technology platforms such as websites, social networks (Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, Zalo, Youtube, blogs, forums,…) or e-commerce platforms (Shopee, Lazada, Tiki,…). With just a few simple steps on a smartphone or computer, the goods will be transported from the seller to the recipient without wasting time or effort on travel.

Understanding online sales will help business beginners avoid risks

Is online business an ideal opportunity to increase income?

If you know how to do business online, this will be an opportunity to bring attractive profits to sellers, because:

This is the general development trend of society

With the development of science and digital technology, the number of internet users is increasing. In 2022, there will be 72.1 million Vietnamese people using the internet with 95.8% of those accessing it by smartphone. Accordingly, the average daily internet usage time of Vietnamese people is 6.38 hours and 58.2% of it is used for the purpose of online shopping. Thereby, it can be partly predicted that online business will be a general trend of society in the future.

Even with little capital, you can still start an online business

For a traditional business, you need a lot of capital to cover initial costs such as renting space, importing goods, hiring employees and a series of other management costs. However, for online business, all costs have been significantly reduced, so it does not require as much capital as traditional business.

Selling online can help increase income significantly

You only need a computer or a phone with an internet connection to start an online sales business. Currently, there are many people who, despite their low initial capital, can achieve an average income of 20 – 30 million/month by selling online, and even earn unbelievable profits if they know how to sell effectively.

Online selling is an effective business solution, with low capital, high profits, and making money from social networks.

The latest online sales trends today

If you are planning to do business online, you definitely cannot ignore the current ‘HOT’ online sales trends:

Sell ​​online by livestream

In recent years, livestream sales on social networking platforms (Facebook, Zalo, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube,…) or e-commerce platforms (Shopee, Lazada, Tiki,…) have been a form of business. Many brands and stores are familiar online.

To promote livestream sales, business owners and online shop owners are increasingly investing methodically such as building rich scripts, attractive content, equipping cameras, professional sound and lighting systems to help produce products. The product has the best image, experience the product right on the livestream, hire a support team to increase views to attract viewers, increase entertainment and promote purchasing behavior.

Selling via livestream is an online business solution that brings huge sales and interaction levels

Sell ​​online thanks to KOLs introducing products

KOL Marketing trends are thriving in the age of digital technology at an incredible speed. KOLs or Influencers are famous people who have influence on the community. Brands, businesses, and online sales stores have taken advantage of KOLs that attract public opinion, have a large number of followers on social networking platforms, or have expertise in the field to promote your products and services.

KOLs have become the main marketing channel for brands from popular to high-end, helping to achieve communication goals, increase brand awareness, expand reach, connect with target customers, increase Breakthrough sales and profits.

In addition to the platforms Facebook, Instagram, Youtube,… recently, Tiktok is also promoting affiliate marketing channels through KOLs and is chosen by many businesses and online sellers.

Promote omnichannel sales (Omnichannel)

Multi-channel sales is a system of linking, interacting, exchanging, and transacting with customers through channels such as sales apps, sales websites, social networks (Facebook, Zalo, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube,… ), email, e-commerce platforms (Shopee, Lazada, Tiki,…), a number of other communication channels (Affiliate Marketing, KOL,…).

According to a report by TMX – a business consulting company in the Asia-Pacific region, 68% of businesses in Vietnam and 40% of businesses in the entire region have been investing in multi-channel sales strategies. .

Multi-channel sales is an effective business method for Shop owners and retail businesses in Vietnam

With the above sharing of tin tức kinh doanh, hopefully you will have more useful information about online sales activities. To be successful on the online business path with many opportunities and challenges, you should accumulate valuable experience as well as skills in the art of online selling.

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