The Cost of an Android App Development: Detailed Breakdown

The costs involved in app development can vary greatly. The time required, complexity, and range of functions of a mobile app are decisive factors in the price. The Android App Development Cost Breakdown is made up of three main areas:

  • Planning phase (current status and goal setting)
  • App Design (UI and UX Design)
  • Programming and testing

Depending on the scope of these project areas, the price range can be from a few thousand to several hundred thousand euros. There is no upper limit to the costs, as apps can also be complex technical systems with many interfaces. Information about the functions, design, and programming schedule is crucial for estimating the price of an app. An independent assessment of the use case is also important to know how much it costs to develop an app.

To get the most out of the project for companies, start-ups, or institutions and pay the right price, you must find the right developer or team for your IT project. The right developer or app agency is the key to the success of your application.

Importance of Android App Development

A mobile App for your business is crucial in this age of rapid technological advancement. However, developing a successful app is quite different because it presupposes using knowledge and financial resources beyond the target audience. This is where you need to Hire an Android App Development Company that can help you. Hence, the company that you hire should be capable of helping transform your idea into a reality. However, the point is how to select the right company or agency specializing in creating applications, as there are numerous agencies. So, it is important to go through a rigorous process that ensures you have a professional onboard.

The average cost of developing a mobile app

If you want to develop a mobile app for Android, expect to spend $100,000 rather than $10,000. In our experience, the best way to determine the cost of mobile application development is by its complexity, so our classification is:

A simple mobile app costs 25,000 to 50,000 USD

  • A development team will work on the project.
  • The QA team will be deployed on the project
  • Development will take approximately 4-9 weeks.

By basic app, we mean an MVP app:

  • have a clear idea of ​​a set of simple functions with elementary business logic consisting of up to 5 screens,
  • with a simple user interface without custom elements.

These types of apps are usually developed by startups looking for their marketability.

Medium complexity app costs 50,000 to 100,000 USD

  • Development will take approximately 4-9 weeks, assuming you have two developers per platform.
  • The recommended base QA plan for these types of applications includes 50 hours of QA specialist work per month.

By medium complexity app, we mean an app:

  • including some complex functions with intermediate business logic,
  • consisting of up to 5 screens,
  • with some custom UI elements and animations,

A complex app for costs more than 100,000 USD

  • The development team will work approximately a week.
  • Development will take at least 16 weeks, assuming you have a team of developers.

By complex app, we mean an app:

  • including some complex functions with intermediate business logic,
  • consisting of more than five screens,
  • with some custom UI elements and animations,
  • with a large user base (multilingual),

This rough estimate can help you understand how much it really costs to develop a mobile application.

How can costs be avoided during app development?

1. Functionality

Reduction of functions: Which functions are essential to win the first customers? Ideally, proceed iteratively during app development and test the solution on users early to collect feedback.

Develop the concept yourself: Familiarize yourself with the topic of app development and get independent and free advice to prepare the requirements for the agencies understandably.

Long-term development goals: After the functions are reduced to the essentials in the first step, it is crucial to understand which functions and interfaces are planned for the long term.

2. Procedure

Internal project management: Define the stakeholders at the beginning of the project. Who manages communication? Who formulates the requirements? Who are the IT contacts available to the agency and developers?

Developing an MVP: If you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’re too late to market. – LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman. An agile approach focusing on developing the first market-ready version of your app is advisable.

Active participation in the project: Provide the development partner with detailed information and be actively available during the project to save time and costs.

3. Development partners

Compare agencies: The quoted prices for the jobs and the acting skills differ significantly. In this case, it is essential to note that depending on the size of the agencies, the former is always more expensive than the latter. Although marketing agencies are rare, they are huge ones that use subcontractors and so-called white-label providers. They are costly for communication and have little to no added value.

Check standard solutions: There are use cases with low budgets for modular systems, such as standard shopping apps, or ready-made apps, such as employee apps, where it makes no sense to develop an individual solution.

Choosing the right technology: Whether hybrid, native, or web app – rely on future-proof, lean technologies and avoid setting up projects on outdated or unsuitable technology stacks.


This article allowed you to estimate the price of developing a mobile app and to realize some factors influencing the total cost of the application. So, adhering to the abovementioned tips, you can minimize these costs and guarantee that your developed digital product complies with global technology standards. In addition, one should hire an Android App Developers Team to work with you professionally.

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