The Chaos of Car Accidents in Parking Lots

Steering your car inside the parking lot means entering the live-action movie. Isn’t it? In a parking place vehicles continuously move in and out of the spaces, pedestrians walk around the parking lot, and shopping carts roll around the parking ways. Therefore, it’s obvious that accidents can happen in this area. 

Car accidents in parking lots are often called collisions within a parking area’s boundaries. These frequent occurrences can vary in consequence, from minimal car benders to larger crashes. The primary reason for this is drivers’ distraction while driving and speedy driving habits. Despite lower speeds in parking lots, the potential for significant vehicle damage is still high.

What Are the Common Reasons for Parking Lot Accidents?

While driving the car, there are plenty of causes of car accident in parking lot. Here are a few common ones: 

Distracted Driving habits

While driving, drivers may habitually pay attention to phones, GPS trackers or conversing with a co-rider, which may distract them. When they are not fully concentrated on driving, they can easily miss seeing other cars or pedestrians.   

No Speed Control

Even though the parking lot manager limits driving speed, some drivers may not follow the rules. Driving more quickly leaves them less time to respond to unexpected movements in their surroundings, such as when a car reverses out of a spot or a pedestrian enters the lane.

Poor Visibility

Parking lots may have dimly lit sections or blind spots brought on by parked cars. As a result, drivers find it challenging to see everything around them.

Pedestrian Traffic in Parking Area

Traffic occurs in the parking area not only through cars but also through people walking in parking spaces. Pedestrians may not always be aware of oncoming traffic. Thus, drivers should always exercise caution when approaching them.  

Handling Car Accidents from Two Perspectives

Irrespective of who is at fault in the parking lot accident,  you need to stay calm and do the following:

If You Caused the Accident

If you were in a parking lot car accident done by you, you should have taken the following actions. 

  • Firstly, do not take stress and stay calm.
  • Ensure that no one is injured in an accident. If it does, immediately call for emergency medical help.
  • If the cars are drivable, move your car to a safe area away from the other traffic. If not, notify other vehicles by turning on your warning lights.
  • Take support from other drivers, share your insurance insurance details with them and try to collect all necessary documentation.
  • You should take clear pictures of your damages at the accident site, including your car position, broken glass, skid marks, and relevant property damages. This may be beneficial during the insurance claim process.
  • According to the traffic police rules, you should inform the police. 
  • Contact your insurance lender immediately to report the incident and start the claims procedure.

If You Are the Victim of an Accident

When you are hit by someone, there are also a few necessary steps that you should take:

  • Stay at the accident scene until you have exchanged information with the other driver. 
  • Collect the information of contact and insurance details from another driver. 
  • If any witnesses were present at that accident, gather their information and phone numbers. This will support your claim when you file it with your insurance provider. 
  • If another driver hits your car and runs away, you can report a hit-and-run claim to the police and insurance company. This may help you get the full repair cost from your insurance company.

Information Required to Do the Claim

If a car accident in a parking lot occurs, you should gather the following information to claim a car accident to your car insurance company. 

  • Name and phone number of other driver and witnessed person
  • At-fault party driver’s license and insurance card
  • Insurance information of car
  • License plate number
  • Photos of the accident site
  • Police report

Once you claim the file from your insurance company with the listed documents, the insurance provider will investigate your parking lot collision and build your insurance claim.   

Tips to Avoid Parking Lot Accidents

Here are some simple tips to help drivers avoid accidents in parking lots:   

Drive Slowly and Stay Alert

Drivers should drive at low speeds and keep their focus on the roads and surrounding areas. This can help them immediately react to unexpected situations, keep themselves safe, and avoid unforeseen incidents.

Use Your Mirrors and Follow Signs

Drivers should always check their mirrors and follow signs before backing out of a parking lot. While parking, if possible, try to get back into a place so they may go forward when you take off. 

Park in Well-Lit Areas

Choose a well-lit parking spot at night. This will not only help you see better but also add a layer of security for you and your vehicle.

Final Thoughts

A car accident in a parking lot has become common now, but it can be avoided. All drivers should drive slowly, stay alert, and be considerate of other drivers and passing people. If you find yourself in an accident, stay calm, follow the necessary steps to ensure everyone’s safety, and manage the situation wisely. 

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