SEO Strategies to Boost Your Ecommerce Business

One of the main goals for any e-commerce company is to increase organic traffic to the site. However, most small and medium-sized business owners cannot afford to make large advertising budgets. What, then, are your options? Understanding how to take advantage of ecommerce SEO’s capabilities is the answer.

E-commerce SEO aims to improve an online store’s visibility and ranking in search results. Because category and product pages are typically the most useful, they are prioritised. You may show up in more relevant search results by using SEO in Perth for e-commerce websites. As a result, you can improve sales and revenue by bringing in more targeted traffic to your online store.

Let’s begin with the strategies that can help you win with your Ecommerce business – 

1. Keyword Identification

In search engine optimisation, keyword research is a deliberate procedure that aids websites in communicating with search engines and, eventually, their intended audience. It starts with figuring out the purpose of user searches, matching terms to user requirements, and assessing how competitive they are online. To guarantee that website visitors get what they’re looking for, carefully consider which keywords to use in relation to the content of the page. The plan also includes long-tail keywords, which are more focused and target specific audiences. Despite having fewer search volumes, they may result in greater conversion rates. Finding the most effective keywords is made easier by using keyword research tools, which also provide information on search volumes and competition.

2. Keyword Categorisation

After selecting a term, you should concentrate on the following stage, which is to evaluate the keyword according to variables like its category, search volume, and difficulty. Your SEO in Perth approach will become more successful and refined as a result of this procedure.

First, the keyword can be divided into tiers, which usually include primary, secondary, and tertiary keywords. Think of these levels as successive layers of significance and relevance. The topic you want to rank for is represented by the primary keyword. While tertiary keywords are more focused, secondary keywords offer context and related topics.

Certain brands take things a step further and group keywords according to the services or product categories they offer. You may separate your keywords into categories like men’s Clothing, Womens Clothing, Kids’ Clothing, Sports Apparel, and more if you are a clothing retailer, for instance. This classification facilitates reporting and organisation by enabling the performance of service or product lines to be tracked.

3. URL Structure Optimisation

It’s important to keep the URL structure simple. A perfect URL should direct visitors and search engines alike to your website, much like a clear road sign does. Removing superfluous language, symbols, and complicated characters that could confuse visitors is part of keeping things simple.

Relevant SEO in Perth keyword incorporation is a critical component of URL optimisation. Both visitors and search engines can learn important context about the page’s content from the keywords in the URL. For example, it is advantageous to include the term “organic gardening tips” in the URL of your website.

This is where the use of the hyphen (-) becomes necessary. You’re advised to use “hyphenation” or separate terms in your URL with hyphens. It improves readability and makes your URL’s structure easier for visitors and search engines to comprehend. Take “” and “” as an example. It is considerably simpler to read and understand the earlier.

4. Content Strategy

Quality is paramount when it comes to online material. Developing content that is truly beneficial to your audience entails producing informative and insightful pieces about your subject or product. By providing a deeper understanding of your products, services, or industry to potential clients, this information acts as a bridge between your company and them.

Let’s say you are marketing a brand-new technological device. Rather than just enumerating its characteristics, you can produce in-depth articles that describe its advantages, workings, and even real-world applications. This not only educates your audience but also establishes your authority and competence in your field.

However, producing worthwhile material requires ongoing work. User expectations are changing as the digital landscape rapidly changes. That’s why it’s so important to periodically review and update your material. Something may not connect with your audience or rank highly in search engine results if it seems out of date.

5. Voice Search Optimisation

Have you observed that more and more people are using Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana, and Amazon Alexa with commands? With wearables, smart speakers, and mobile voice assistants growing in popularity, voice search has developed into a useful tool for everyday life. SEO in Perth has changed the way you search, ask questions, and shop online.

The increasing prevalence of speech-activated gadgets and virtual assistants has made voice search optimisation essential for online retailers. Enhancing your web presence to rank higher for voice search inquiries is the procedure. The aim is to make sure voice assistants choose or read aloud your website when people conduct voice searches.

Voice searches from desktop devices are now possible with Google. But the way these voice-based inquiries display their results is the same as it does for text-based questions.

6. Customer Reviews Display

Good client feedback confirms your company’s success in the same way as income does. They provide you with feedback on your work and show you how satisfied the customers are. Additionally, they support the promotion of your brand to prospective clients.

You can display client evaluations in a variety of forms and styles. These formats can be text, pictures, videos, or testimonies. Including capabilities for filtering and categorising client reviews is another method to maximise their value. Reviews on the website can be sorted by relevance, date, or rating. Lastly, to help users understand how reputable and trustworthy you are, you might include review badges, testimonials, ratings, and other social proof components.


SEO in Perth promises long-term outcomes, which is a long-term strategy. It has been shown that relevant data, product specifications, etc., placed in the right locations with the appropriate keywords, URLs, links, and other elements can work wonders. Platforms should, therefore, think about including SEO for e-commerce websites in their marketing strategies. After making a decision, get in touch with Make My Website, an SEO firm you can trust to provide you with specialised assistance and outstanding outcomes for your organisation.

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