Immigration from India to Canada 

Why do people want to immigrate from India to Canada 

Due to all the economic opportunities that it can provide, Canada is among one of the best destinations for Indian immigrants to choose. Canada offers opportunities in various sectors which professional people of India are normally active in. Sectors such as information and communication technology (ICT), engineering and science related fields along with fields related to health care. Some of the other advantages of living in Canada are its highly developed healthcare system, global recognised education system, it being a politically stable country, it being a safe country and its thriving economy. 

More than a million Indian people have now turned Canada into their home country, growing their own family and living a professional life in Canada and the number of Indian immigrants in Canada is growing every year. Every year around 120,000 temporary citizens of Canada are becoming permanent residents of the country. Most of the Indian people coming to Canada are skilled workers and typically under economic class. Year after year the immigration levels of Canada are increasing without any plan of stopping. The population of Canada is starting to grow more and more everyday due to all the immigration especially from India. If you want to migrate to Canada, you can consult with the most trusted immigration consultants in India.

How to immigrate from India to Canada?

Because of their high education level, work experience along with their English proficiency, Indian people are most likely qualified to pass through Canada’s immigration program.

Federal skilled worker program 

The federal skilled worker program is the best option for overseas Indian immigration candidates. This is because the federal skilled worker program allows candidates with no connection or job offer in Canada to apply for permanent residence if they have work experience.  huge. 

The federal skilled worker program is mostly looking for foreign people with education, language skill, work experience and other human capital factors to provide jobs for them to be able to economically live in Canada. The candidate for the federal field worker program must meet the requirement listed below:

  • The candidate must have at least one year of work experience with equivalent pay and must be full time.
  • The candidate must be fluent in listening, speaking, writing and reading in English and French as per required by the Canadian language benchmark.
  • The candidate must show their diploma, degree or certificate to prove that they have had education whether in Canada or a foreign country
  • A score of minimum 67 is required on the ICRC’s six immigration selection factors by the federal skilled worker program in Canada.
  • The candidate must show evidence that they are able to support themselves and their family financially and have enough money to settle in Canada.

A major option other than the federal skilled worker program is the provincial nominee program for immigration candidates of India. If you are looking for a visa agency in Delhi, contact DM Consultant.

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