How Much Does Artificial Grass Installation Cost?

Artificial grass is becoming popular in today’s world, taking over natural grass with numerous benefits. 

The versatility and durability of artificial grass never disappoints! It keeps your front and backyard fresh and green all year around. 

When homeowners switch to artificial grass for the first time, they are concerned about a few things like:

  • How much does artificial grass cost?
  • What are the installation costs?
  • Will artificial grass last longer? 

It is easy to find the price of artificial grass on the internet. But, when it comes to the installation costs, many people find it difficult to understand. 

In this post, we will guide with the installation costs of artificial grass. Keep reading through!

Installation Costs of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has different installation prices, depending on the size of the lawn. 

For example, a professional artificial grass installation starts from £4,684 for a 500 square foot lawn. The price can vary if the lawn is bigger because it will need an extra amount of artificial grass. 

Since artificial turf pays for itself for a long time with no water restrictions and maintenance, you should not worry about what you are paying for. 

Apart from the shape and size of the lawn, there are a few other factors that can affect the final cost of your installation project. 

Read-through each factor closely to have an idea about all the installation costs of artificial grass. 

  1. The Materials Required for Installation 

The installation of artificial starts with a process where you will need the materials, depending on the condition of your lawn. 

Rakes, shovels, and wheelbarrows are common garden tools that you will need. For artificial grass, you will also need base material, mow strip, and artificial grass infill. 

The cost will vary, depending on the type of artificial grass you choose. There are mainly three types of artificial grass that cost differently according to its quality. 

  • Polypropylene (£2 to £4 per square foot)
  • Polyethylene (£1.95 to £3 per square foot)
  • Nylon (£3.90 to £4 per square foot)

There are several base options and class II road is the most popular one used for the installation of artificial grass. The cost of this base depends on your location, starting from £0.25 per square foot.

Mow strips come in a roll form, significant to separate your artificial lawn. Each roll costs about £11. 

When it comes to artificial grass infill, there are many types, starting from £8.60 per 55 pound bag. Here are a few types from which you can choose one:

  • Silica sand
  • Acrylic-coated sand
  • Flex sand
  • Rubber
  • Envirofill 

The most popular artificial grass infill option is Envirofill, recommended by experts. 

Overall, the total cost of installation will include all the materials that you will use. For advanced installation, homeowners also use weed barriers to avoid weed growth. Each roll costs about £53 per 1,500 square feet. 

Always consider the important materials first that will be used for the installation. Estimate the whole cost and keep it in budget to avoid any financial stress. 

  1. Total Size of the Installation Area

Try to measure the overall size of your lawn perfectly with curves and slopes. The larger the area is, the more artificial grass installations will cost. 

The average cost of artificial grass per square foot ranges from £4 to £15. For homes with 500 square foot backyards and lawns, the total cost of the turf will be £4,000 or more. 

Keep in mind that the total cost of artificial grass also depends on the chosen material. Each type of artificial grass varies in prices. 

  1. Professional Workers Cost

Installing artificial grass by yourself is not for everyone. But, if you can do it,then that’s great! 

Those who will have to hire professionals for the installation of artificial grass will have to pay for the transportation to the location other than their actual fees. 

When you hire an expert for installing the artificial grass, you don’t have to pay for the required materials as the company provides its own tools. Their total cost includes everything, including transportation, materials and other additional tools. 

Remember that a few mistakes can happen when you hire someone. Ensure that you appoint the project to some with years of experience to avoid any damage to the lawn. 

Final Thoughts

The average cost of artificial grass installation seems a bit expensive at first, but don’t forget about the long term benefits artificial grass provides. 

The initial cost can be overwhelming, but once you install the artificial grass, you will not regret it. Artificial grass installed with proper care cna last for years without needing to maintain, water, and fertilise it daily. 

With many advantages, you can boost the look of your front and backyard. But, yes any home project, including artificial turf installation requires an estimated budget. The investment might seem pricey at first, but the long-lasting result will surprise you! 

Since it’s a one-time installation, you are making a practical choice by switching to artificial grass. The most durable and sustainable option that will give the same look as real grass. 

The cost of artificial grass installation will depend on various factors, including materials, size of the lawn, and labouring. The size of the installation area is the major consideration as it will tell how much grass and materials you need. 

Lastly, keep everything in budget and spend money on what is necessary for the installation process. Best of luck!  

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