Best Spanish Movies to Watch with Your Family

Having a perfect movie night starts with agreeing on the choice of a movie that is perfect to watch with both adults and little niños. That said, there are tons of Spanish movies available to stream, and frankly, not all of them are worth-watching. Some of them are just meh while the others are not appropriate for children. 

To save you from this hassle, I have hand-picked the best Spanish movies that will make your movie night more memorable and fun. I have personally streamed them in 4k through my high-speed Spectrum internet español with my Latino family and we have ranked them in order of okay-ish to the best.

Now, without further ado, let’s dive right into them. 

Planet 51

La Misma Luna

Cinco Amigas

El angel del acordeon


Planet 51

This movie is going to be fun to watch, particularly for children.

The story of the movie Planet 51 revolves around an astronaut who finds himself on a planet that he used to think of as inhabitable. Later when he was roaming around, he found a colony of green creatures that looked funny and cute at the same time. Their society reminded him of a similar lifestyle people used to live on Earth in the 1950s. 

The creatures naturally were afraid and turned their defensive mode on because the astronaut was an alien to them. Anyhow, he convinced them that he had come there by accident and didn’t want to harm any one of them.

The movie was made with the collaboration of Spanish-British-American studios and it is available in both English and Spanish for streaming. 

La Misma Luna

La Misma Luna is a Mexican-American movie about a mother and her child. The story of the movie is emotional and later it takes the turn to be an adventurous ride for both the mother and her child.

The story unfolds as the mother has to illegally immigrate to the US for the sake of earning money for her family living in Mexico. She leaves her child behind in Mexico who gets mistreated by his family there. 

To flee the harshness of his family in Mexico, the child attempts to cross the Mexican-American border to find his mother. I should stop right here to avoid giving you spoilers. 

The role of the mother has been portrayed by Kate del Castillo and the son is Adrian Alonso Barona. La Misma Luna is certainly the one to be watched on a cozy evening with your family.

Cinco Amigas

Released in 2003, Cinco Amigas is based on the real-life characters of a band named Bandana. The movie provides a fictional story of the band which makes it more interesting.

Bandana is a band that won the Argentine version of American Idol. The film shows how this band of five girls rise to the top of Pop music. 

Cinco Amigas has been finely directed to make your heart warm and make you laugh with a sprinkle of top-notch comedy here and there. On the flip side, the struggles of these girls will have you relate to them. 

Not just that, the film is musical too. It involves songs like Sigo dando vueltas, Dame una razon, and A Bailar from their albums. All in all, Cinco Amiga is a fun watch with your family. 

El angel del acordeon

Another musically romantic movie from Columbia that follows the life story of a child who wants to become a musician. The name of the child in the film is Pancho.

The most interesting thing about the movie is that the motivation behind him becoming a musician, particularly in Vallenato is a girl. He falls in love with that girl but she doesn’t seem to be interested in him so he goes on to become a Vallenato musician. A Vallenato is a special kind of music that is believed to be heart-capturing whoever listens to it. Do you see where it’s going?

The boy wants to have her in his life so he goes on a long voyage to find a special instrument and learn to play it to be able to called “The Angel of Accordion”.


This Argentina-made 3D animated movie is certainly my favorite in the animated genre. But why?

The movie is a free motivational booster for its watchers as it teaches not to give up no matter what happens through its supreme storytelling.

The main character of the animated film is Amadeo who loses everything he has and later gets help from somewhere he never imagined. 

The Flash, his rival, destroys his bar and the foosball table on which he has played countless times and won. Amadeo loses all his hope and then a ray of hope shines through his very foosball table. The little men from the table come to life to seek vengeance for Amadeo and they succeed. 

The bottom line: it is one of the best animated Spanish movies, and I love that. You won’t go wrong if you tune in too to watch just that with your family. Same goes for the other Spanish movies mentioned above; they are a whole bunch of 

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