A Smooth Arrival a Guide to Booking and Using Taxis at Albany Airport for Your Trip to Schenectady

Indeed travelling to new places especially for tourist purposes is a little weird. It is because you have no deal about the area and the locations. If you have planned a trip from Albany to Schenectady and have no idea about this area do not worry. Here we have the Albany Airport taxi booking guide for you. In this guide you will learn all things from finding the cab to the tipping.  So read it and enjoy the taxi ride from the Albany Airport to Schenectady.

Albany Airport Taxi Booking Guide

Here is a full guide on how to book a taxi from Albany Airport.

On Arrival

After landing please collect your luggage. Once you have done this you need to look for a cab that will drive you to your place. So for this you need to look for the Taxi stand at the Airport.

Look For Cab Stand

It is easy to locate the cab stand at Albany Airport. Search for the cab stand sign and follow the directions. Here you will see Ground Transportation on the board. When you reach there you will see the taxis waiting for passengers. So these stands are mainly outside the main building of the Airport so it is easy to find them.

Ask for a Taxi

When you reach the station please walk up to the cab that is next in line. Then inform the driver where you would like to go like Schenectady. Now the driver will help you place your luggage in the cab and you are all set to hit the road.

 Schenectady trip taxi arrangements

Route Selection

If you are here before then you can guide the driver on which route you would like to choose for the ride. Mostly drivers go or take the fastest route. If you have any preferences please let him know. Now the next thing is estimated time.

Have an Idea about Time

Have you traveled for the first time on this route and then have no idea of the estimated time? If yes then relax. It takes twenty to thirty minutes to travel from Airport to Schenectady. If there is traffic congestion then it may take a longer. So if you are for any company meetings and ought to reach there on time please keep the road situation and delay in mind.

What Do You Need to Know about Airport taxi services Schenectady travel?

Always Accessible

The best thing about the cab service at the Albany Airport is that it is accessible all day long. It does not matter when the flight arrives they travel at any time for Schenectady.

Easy and Calm

Taxi an airport is comfortable and convenient so booking them for Schenectady is the best thing. All you need to do is relax or prepare for the meeting and let the driver drive the cab.

 Smooth arrival Albany Airport taxis

Low Wait Times

The main concern of the passengers is the wait time. So the first thing is that cabs at Albany Airport have shot up wait times. If you are in a hurry you can get a cab as soon as you reach the taxi stand.

Ride Payment Mode

Nowadays there are many payment options which are why most passengers do not carry cash with them. Do not worry as most cabs at the Airport accept mobile payment, cards and cash. Please ask the driver about the mode of payment before booking the cab.

Booking taxis for Schenectady travel

While booking a taxi there are things that you have to keep in the mind.

Pre booking

Many taxi companies at the Airport offer a pre booking service to their customers to avoid the hassle of waiting or the risk of delay. So it is best to book the ride beforehand.


So in the US it is quite common to give a tip to the driver. But the question is how much? Usually people give around 15 to 20 percent of the booking rate. If the cab driver does something good such as help with the luggage then he deserves some this little extra.


Now you know how to book a ride at Albany Airport. So with this step by step guide you will be e ready for your taxi ride from Albany Airport to Schenectady. 

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